Angular json Custom Filter Function

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Angular json Custom Filter Function

Today, We want to share with you Angular json Custom Filter Function.
In this post we will show you AngularJS json Custom Filter example, hear for Built-In And Custom AngularJS Filters With Examples we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about AngularJS Custom Filter with Example with an example.

What Is AngularJs Filter ?

Answer : The Selects a subset List of items from list items array and returns it as a generate new array.

-# This filter can be most useful when debugging data and filtering your applications.
-#in AngularJS , The json filter used to converts a JavaScript or js object into a JSON string.
-#The Angularjs filter functionality of AngularJS is often used to converts javascript object to string inside the display when you filtering users need to filter data a set of Results in a collection.

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                    <td>{{$index + 1}}</td>

JavaScript File

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function searchfilterCtrl($scope, $filter)
    $scope.salesitems = [
      {"ItemCode":"PRICE CAT-ITEM -A001","Description":"PRICE CAT ITEM - A001/0001 (PRICE CATEGORY) -WEIGHTED AVERAGE"},{"ItemCode":"PRICE CAT-ITEM -A002-FIFO","Description":"PRICE CAT ITEM - A002/0001 (PRICE CATEGORY) - FIFO "},{"ItemCode":"PRICE CAT-ITEM -A003-FIXEDCOST","Description":"PRICE CAT ITEM - A003/0001 (PRICE CATEGORY) -FIXED COST"},{"ItemCode":"PRICE CAT-ITEM -A004 -LIFO","Description":"PRICE CAT ITEM - A004/0001 (PRICE CATEGORY) -LIFO"},{"ItemCode":"FOC-ITEM -A001- WEIGHTED AVG","Description":"FOC ITEM - A001/0001 (FOC) -WEIGHTED AVERAGE"},{"ItemCode":"FOC-ITEM -A003  FIXED COST","Description":"FOC ITEM - A003/0001 (FOC) -FIXED COST"},{"ItemCode":"FOC-ITEM -A004  LIFO","Description":"FOC ITEM - A004/0001 (FOC) -LIFO"},{"ItemCode":"FOC-ITEM-A005 MOSTRECENT","Description":"FOC ITEM - A005/0001 (FOC) - MOST RECENT"},{"ItemCode":"CON-ITEM -A001- WEIGHTED AVG","Description":"CONSIGNMENT/LOCATION  ITEM - A001/0001 -WEIGHTED AVERAGE"},{"ItemCode":"CON-ITEM -A003- FIFO","Description":"CONSIGNMENT/LOCATION  ITEM - A003/0001 -FIFO"},{"ItemCode":"CON-ITEM -A004- LIFO","Description":"CONSIGNMENT/LOCATION  ITEM - A004/0001 -LIFO"},{"ItemCode":"CON-ITEM -A005-MOSTRECENT","Description":"CONSIGNMENT/LOCATION  ITEM - A005/0001 - MOST RECENT"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-ITEM -A001- WEIGHTED AVG","Description":"BOM  ITEM - A001/0001 -WEIGHTED AVERAGE"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A001- WEIGHTED AVG","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A001/0001 -WEIGHTED AVERAGE"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-ITEM -A003- FIXED COST","Description":"BOM  ITEM - A003/0001 -FIXED COST"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-ITEM -A004- LIFO","Description":"BOM  ITEM - A004/0001 - LIFO"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-ITEM -A005- MOSTRECENT","Description":"BOM  ITEM - A005/0001 - MOST RECENT"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-REP -A001- WEIGHTED AVG","Description":"BOM REPLACEMENT ITEM - A001/0001 -WEIGHTED AVERAGE"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-REP -A002- FIFO","Description":"BOM REPLACEMENT ITEM - A002/0001 - FIFO"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A002- FIFO","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A002/0001 -FIFO"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A0022- FIFO","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A0022/0001 -FIFO"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A003- FIXED COST","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A003/0001 - FIXED COST"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A00111- WEIGHTED AVG","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A00111/0001 -WEIGHTED AVERAGE"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A00222- FIFO","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A00222/0001 -FIFO"},{"ItemCode":"PRICECAT-ITEM -A005-MOSTRECENT","Description":"PRICE CAT ITEM - A005/0001 (PRICE CATEGORY) - MOST RECENT"},{"ItemCode":"FOC-ITEM -A002  FIFO","Description":"FOC ITEM - A002/0001 (FOC) -FIFO"},{"ItemCode":"CON-ITEM -A002- FIFO","Description":"CONSIGNMENT/LOCATION  ITEM - A002/0001 -FIFO"},{"ItemCode":"NORMAL-ITEM -A003-FIXED COST","Description":"NORMAL ITEM - A003/0001 -FIXED COST"},{"ItemCode":"NORMAL-ITEM -A004-LIFO","Description":"NORMAL ITEM - A004/0001 -LIFO"},{"ItemCode":"NORMAL-ITEM -A005-MOSTRECENT","Description":"NORMAL ITEM - A005/0001 MOST RECENT"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-ITEM -A002- FIFO","Description":"BOM  ITEM - A002/0001 -FIFO"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A00444- LIFO","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A00444/0001 -LIFO"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A00555- MOSTRECENT","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A00555/0001 - MOST RECENT"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A00333- FIXED COST","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A00333/0001 - FIXED COST"},{"ItemCode":"MUOM-ITEM -A001-WEIGHTED AVG","Description":"MULTIUOM ITEM - A001/0001 -WEIGHTED AVERAGE"},{"ItemCode":"1ITEM A","Description":"ITEM A  "},{"ItemCode":"123456789012345678901234567890","Description":"中文"},{"ItemCode":"Box","Description":"Box"},{"ItemCode":"BATCH ITEM","Description":"BATCH ITEM"},{"ItemCode":"NORMAL-ITEM -A001-WEIGHTED AVG","Description":"NORMAL ITEM - A001/0001 -WEIGHTED AVERAGE"},{"ItemCode":"NORMAL-ITEM -A002-FIFO","Description":"NORMAL ITEM - A002/0001 -FIFO"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-REP -A003- FIXED COST","Description":"BOM REPLACEMENT ITEM - A003/0001 -FIXED COST"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-REP -A004- LIFO","Description":"BOM REPLACEMENT ITEM - A00/0001 -LIFO"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-REP -A005- MOSTRECENT","Description":"BOM REPLACEMENT ITEM - A005/0001 - MOST RECENT"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A0011- WEIGHTED AVG","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A0011/0001 -WEIGHTED AVERAGE"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A0033- FIXED COST","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A0033/0001 - FIXED COST"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A004- LIFO","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A004/0001 -LIFO"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A0044- LIFO","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A0044/0001 -LIFO"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A005- MOSTRECENT","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A005/0001 - MOST RECENT"},{"ItemCode":"BOM-SUB -A0055- MOSTRECENT","Description":"BOM  SUB ITEM - A0055/0001 - MOST RECENT"},{"ItemCode":"MUOM-ITEM -A002-FIFO","Description":"MULTI UOM ITEM - A002/0001 -FIFO"},{"ItemCode":"MUOM-ITEM -A003-FIXED COST","Description":"MULTI UOM ITEM - A003/0001 -FIXED COST"},{"ItemCode":"MUOM-ITEM -A004-LIFO","Description":"MULTI UOM ITEM - A004/0001 - LIFO"},{"ItemCode":"MUOM-ITEM -A005-MOSTRECENT","Description":"MULTI UOM ITEM - A005/0001- MOST RECENT"}];
    $scope.dataitems2 = $scope.salesitems;
    $scope.$watch('filtersearch', function(valuedata)
        $scope.salesitems = $filter('filter')($scope.dataitems2, valuedata);

Example : Basic usage of AngularJs Filters

demo :

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demo :

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