Why change is important for education?

Why change is important for education?

Change is the process of life. Human nature doesn’t stick to or content on one thing for so long, it seeks variation. This variation could be visible in different aspects of life.

From eating to clothing, from working to amusement the variation in lifestyles can be observed. The changing trends and norms in the name of fashion is an example of human nature which is obsessed with change.

If we compare different Eras of human life, we can discover the transformation and evolution in human lives.

The building design and patterns or other archeological discoveries from the ancient buildings and other monuments indicate these changes that occurred from time to time.

Mankind is subjected to discovery and evolution. These properties exist in a human being. There are two types of evolutions, natural and intentional.

The natural evolution is related to naturally occurred variations like atmospheric, variation in the human physique, or geographical changes taking place due to different occurrences like earthquakes, floods, and land sliding, and volcanic eruptions.

The intentional evolution is associated with the discoveries and inventions of mankind which lead the human race to change its methods of performing different activities.

The invention of different machines, instruments, devices, equipment, and tools is part of the intentional evolution.

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Since industrialization took place, the innovative evolution is progressing exponentially. Industrialization is also a part of intentional evolution by human beings.

How humans are capable of making such reforms in their lives? The answer is by learning and by developing the concepts. Human intelligence evolves technically with the evolution in the concepts.

Learning and conceptual evolution can occur at the same time. This is why the trends and the norms of the methods of learning are subjected to variation as well.

Education is a way of learning and teaching, new and old theories and practices that nurtures the knowledge of the learners. Education is a very old concept transferred to us by our ancestors.

But the evolution or change in the educational system is part of the research and development. In the quest for knowledge, the famous scholars of ancient times were used to travel long distances.

And now the knowledge is at the distance of our fingertips.

Yes, the discussion is about the “change” in education that includes the invention of new machines and discoveries of different methods of learning and teaching that have brought in the new trends and norms in the old school system of education.

Every aspect of life is going through phenomenal changes including the education system. Technological innovation and the occurrence of different challenges due to evolution are faced accordingly.

To prepare the new generation according to the time-changing trends and norms of the society, a need to adjust the educational system is required.

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We can name it up-gradation, updating, revision, or enhancement procedure of the education.

The importance of generating new norms in education is essential to understand the varying trends of different systems such as social lifestyle, political system, and economic infrastructure, laws of government, job market, marketing trends, and scope of education relevant to the subject of study.

Also, it is part of the education to learn about how to face the issues and deal with them in practical and/or professional life that often starts after the completion of studies of a person. 

Education should also provide an individual the knowledge of moral values and ethical codes of conduct to socialize with others in society. The essentiality of variation in education is now a demand for technology innovation.

The machines that were being operated before are now outdated and replaced by the new and the better ones.

To operate the new machines, a different method is required to be learned doesn’t matter if it is slightly modified or completely. Technology innovation is an important aspect impacting the variation in the educational system directly.

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The operations and functions of upgraded systems require new training which will be included in the subjects being taught to the students.

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Educational institutions and academies to individual tutors should change their strategies to teach their students according to the currently occurred enhancement in the educational system. 

The world is developing rapidly and to remain competitive with the ongoing rapid changes an individual must update his/her knowledge and skills accordingly.

Work is an activity that brings out some consequences or an output. The whole educational life of an individual, from primary to higher level of studies, is based on the teachings and the attainment of the theoretical and/or the practical knowledge about how to perform a task or deliver the work.

Students’ creativity is improved by pushing them to think critically. Then the analysis is made to conclude.

These conceptual processes lead to the generation of new ideas that are valuable in the market. All of these activities take place in written or typed formats.

Students are assessed through the assigned tasks about how well they have understood the concepts about the relevant subjects and topics.

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Assignments from undergraduate to postgraduate level are solved and provided to the students well before submitting deadlines. 

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