Simple Angular hello world Application

Simple Angular hello world Application

Today, We want to share with you Simple Angular hello world Application.
In this post we will show you simple angularjs hello world example, hear for AngularJS Hello World Application: Your First Example Program
we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about AngularJS – My First Hello World Tutorial with an example.

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What is AngularJS ?

IN AngularJS, A JavaScript framework (js) developed by a Googler(Google) and supported by main Google has make quite a buzz(init level) word in the past few months.

Basic Introduction to AngularJS

AngularJS as it general says is a MVC – Superheroic JavaScript(js) MVW framework.
It more assists with running (spa apps) single-page applications.
Its main goal is to all augment browser-based web apps) applications with structure of model–view–controller basic(MVC structure) capability and , in an more effort to make both development side and testing side easier.

Basic Requirements / Prerequisites in AngularJS My First Programs

We hope to that you are very close to familiar with the following technologies:

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1st : Basic HTML
2nd : Basic JavaScript
3rd : Basic CSS

If user – you are not familiar this technologies with any of these more technologies,
Basicaaly , we recommend you to learn JavaScript,HTML or CSS,
Learn JavaScript and Learn CSS before going through the Simple AngularJS tutorials and Learn.

Why AngularJS ?

1) angularjs Helps to build more well structured and quickly fast applications in a modular fashion(modal-view-controller).
2) angularjs Helps to create fully responsive and fastly web applications.
3) angularjs is Best implementation of structure MVC architecture(spa).
4) angularjs can Write less code(small code).
5) angularjs is Powerful and flexible.
6) angularjs very Easy to learn simple.
7) angularjs is more Handles dependencies.
8) angularjs Easily integrate and understand with other web technologies Like (,Laravel,PHP,etc..).
9) angularjs more Easy to test and maintain and debugging.

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The Following List of Core Features of AngularJS.

[*]AngularJS Template
[*]AngularJS Compiler
[*]AngularJS Directives
[*]AngularJS Expressions
[*]AngularJS Filter
[*]AngularJS Scope
[*]AngularJS Model
[*]AngularJS View
[*]AngularJS Data Binding
[*]AngularJS Controllers
[*]AngularJS Dependency
[*]AngularJS Injector
[*]AngularJS Module
[*]AngularJS Services


Simple Angularjs hello world example

AngularJS Hello World

Hello World, AngularJS –

Write some text in textbox:

Hello , Wel-come to Dear – {{ username }} ! How are you doing today?


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