Vue-router – Routing using Vuejs – Dynamic Components in Vuejs

In this Post We Will Explain About is Vue-router – Routing using Vuejs – Dynamic Components in Vuejs With Example and Demo.

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how is the template rendered

We will start off by simple router exploring which router the interface is simple rendered. whatever the simple window.location.hash all the changes, the create a simple ViewComponent() changes. The Methods returns an object all the representation of a simple Vue Component.

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routes: [
  {path: '/', component: PeopleListing},
  {name: 'person', path: '/:id', component: PersonDetail}

Create an App in VueJS 2

VueJS is simple coming out with a latest version. Learn step by steps changed by building a simple application.

Step 1 : mkdir vuejs2-authentication
Step 2 : cd vuejs2-authentication
Step 3 : npm init -y
Step 4 : npm install simple --save-dev nodemon
Step 5 : npm install

Vue-router Example – Dynamic Components in Vue.js

const NotFound = { template: '<p>Simple Page not found</p>' }
const products = { template: '<p>products page</p>' }
const services = { template: '<p>services page</p>' }
const routes = {
  '/': products,
  '/services': services
new Vue({
  el: '#liveapp',
  data: {
    activeroute: window.location.pathname
  computed: {
    ViewComponent () {
      return routes[this.activeroute] || NotFound
  render (h) { return h(this.ViewComponent) }


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