Angular count array of total items in object

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Angular count array of total items in object

Today, We want to share with you .
In this post we will show you AngularJs count array of total items Example, hear for angularjs count items in object we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about How to Show Angularjs Filtered Count with an example.

Arrays in JavaScript have a length property in script that gives you the total number of items in an js array.

<title>Simple AngularJs count total array items list</title>
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<h1>Total no of items count array items in angularjs</h1>

        <button>Sim ple Click To total Get Length</button>
List of Array = {{languageslist}}
Total length = {{var_length}}

Example 2 : get total count of array items with some property in angular

$scope.selectedSalesOrderCount = function() {
    var all_count = 0;
    angular.forEach($scope.salesorder, function(sales_order){ // using forEach loop count
        all_count += sales_order.isSelected ? 1 : 0; // condition check
    return all_count; 

<h2>Total selected SalesOrder: {{selectedSalesOrderCount()}}</h2>

Example 3 : another way : the AngularJS filters

var selectedsalesorderCount = $filter('filter')($scope.salesorder, { isSelected: true }).length; //count total no fo sales_order

Example 4 : get the total object of length in angularjs is undefined

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var data_keys = Object.keys($scope.salesorder);
var total_len = data_keys.length; // length property

Example 5 : get the total size of an object in Simple JavaScript

var salesorder = {name:100000, city:78542, state:452}; //sales object in js

var total_len = 0; // init total_len
for (var o in salesorder) { // using for loop count object items
    total_len++; // total_len increments

console.log('Total Size of object count: '+total_len);

Example 6 : simple array.length in javascript with Example

The array length return property sets or returns the total number of elements get in an array.

var salesorder = ["rajkot", "baroda", "ahemdabad", "div","goua", "usa", "america", "ahemdabad","jammnagar","dilhi"];
vat total_salesord=salesorder.length; 
console.log(total_salesord); // console print : 10 
// returns 10


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