Angular Create a Countdown Timer Directive

Angular Create a Countdown Timer Directive

Today, We want to share with you Angular Create a Countdown Timer Directive.
In this post we will show you How To Create a Countdown Timer | Angular Countdown Timer Directive, hear for Angular Countdown Timer Directive we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Angular Timer, a simple, inter-operable AngularJS directive with an example.

AngularJS has become my go-to the Javascript MVC structure for some time display now.

1st : isActive() – add Determines if the timer value is currently get counting-down in js.
2nd : start() – event Starts the timer display.
3rd : stop() – event Stops the timer display (if its active or inactive).
4th : restart() – all timer Resets the timer display and starts to the Count it again.
5th : teardown() – all timer Cleans up js object to the references for all garbage collection value.

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angularjs countdown timer example

Example 1 : Simple Countdown Timer in AngularJS


	<title>Simple Inline Countdown Angular Directive with Example</title>
    <a href="http://yourappfolder/angular.min.js">http://yourappfolder/angular.min.js</a>
    <a href="http://yourappfolder/underscore-min.js">http://yourappfolder/underscore-min.js</a>

	<h1>angularjs make a simple countdown - step by step Example</h1>
    <button>click Stop press</button> 
	<hr />
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//controller in angularJS
function infinityknowCtrl($scope,$timeout) {
	//initalize countdown var
    $scope.countdown = 0;
	//call a function timeOutFun
    $scope.timeOutFun = function(){
        Timeoutfunval = $timeout($scope.timeOutFun,1000);
    var Timeoutfunval = $timeout($scope.timeOutFun,1000);
	//call nstopdev function in javascript
    $scope.nstopdev = function(){

Example 2 : Display a simple Countdown Timer controller and Update Models data in AngularJs

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AngularJs simple Timer control Event Example
<a href="http://yourappfolder/angular.min.js">http://yourappfolder/angular.min.js</a>

	<br />
	<h2>AngularJs timer control Event simple Example</h2>
	<hr />
		<div> {{countvalueDownno}} <div>
	<hr />
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function infinityknowCtrl($scope){
    $scope.countvalueDownno = 10;    
    var timeriddata = setInterval(function(){
		//log writting
    }, 1000);  


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