AngularJS Custom scrollbar Directive Example – ngscrollbar Example

AngularJS Custom scrollbar Directive Example – ngscrollbar Example

-A custom scrollbar Directive written in pure or simple AngularJS.
-Works with the mouse drags and on touch simple responsive screen.
-Add ng-scrollbars Directive and its dependencies and config to your main index file (index.html)
-run this cmd – bower install ng-scrollbars (Directive)

Angular Scrollbar – ng-scrollbar example

include libs

This is a set of customized include scrollbars for AngularJS libs that allows we to apply simple consistent styles and css behavior all the across different all browsers like as a Mozila.

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  • {{product}}



AngularJS directive with simple source code universal configuration or scroll individual scrollbar configuration settings.

var app = angular.module(“liveApp”, [‘ngScrollbars’]);

app.config(function (ScrollBarsProvider) {
ScrollBarsProvider.defaults = {
scrollButtons: {
scrollAmount: ‘auto’, // in angularjs scroll amount simple when button pressed
enable: true // in angularjs enable scrolling simple buttons by default
axis: ‘y’, // enable simple 2 axis simple scrollbars by default
autoHideScrollbar: true,
theme: ‘light’,
updateOnContentResize: true

app.controller(“liveCtrl”, function($scope) {
$scope.products = [“product1”, “product2”, “product3”, “product4”, “product5″,”product6”, “product7”, “product8”, “product9”, “product10”];

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