Angularjs Dropdown onchange Example – AngularJS ng-change Event with Checkbox Select Text Example

In this post will show / hide you HTML elements based on select box to dropdown list selection any one item by using angularjs ng-change event simple Example directive in angularjs web-applications.

In angularjs simple ng-change event or directives is supported by HTML elements Like as a  tag,  tag, <textarea> tag elements

Syntax of AngularJS Simple ng-change Event Example your all the code...

Angular ng-change Directive or angularjs or Angular dropdown using ng-change event Example

Include Libs


	<h2>AngularJS Simple Example of ng-change Event with select Dropdownlist</h2>
	--Please Select User--
	<br /><br />
	<div style="padding:20px;border:2px solid black;width:40%;font-weight:bold">Hi Welcome to Angularjs Example</div>


var lapp = angular.module('myinfinityApp', []);
lapp.controller('liveCtrl', function ($scope) {
$scope.weblist = [{
"projectid": 1,
"name": "infinityknow"
}, {
"projectid": 2,
"name": "infinityknow/tutorial"
}, {
"projectid": 3,
"name": "infinityknow/status"
$scope.loadDetaikls = function () 
	if ($scope.projectselected.projectid == "2")
		$scope.message = true;
		$scope.message = false;

Angularjs Get HTML Dropdownlist Selected Value & Text with ng-change Event Example

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