8 Best Marketing Strategies For Apps

app marketing strategy : How did you get to this post of “The 8 best marketing strategies for Apps”? Did we find us in the Google search engine? Have you seen our social media posts?

If you answered yes to these questions, this post is for you. Go to discover 8 marketing strategies successful to enhance your app and differentiate yourself from the competition.

According to Philip Kotler (considered the father of Marketing), “Needs become wants when they are directed to specific objects that could satisfy them.”

So … Are you ready to find out how to achieve your goals?

Market research – app marketing strategy

Before embarking on the world of strategies, it is essential to understand the benefits of market research. Both on the Google Play Store and on the App Store, thousands of new mobile application requests are received every day. There are more and more competitors and it is necessary to analyze the users to develop an app marketing strategy.

Market research will help you better understand how to use each marketing action and you should be able to answer the following questions early on in mobile app development company:

  • Who is the target audience for your mobile application?
  • Why might they be interested in your product or service?
  •  How are your competitors currently targeting the same audience?
app marketing strategy
app marketing strategy

8 marketing strategies for apps

1.Landing page and blog the best way to extend your app.

The creation of a home page (landing page) is fundamental to allow users to  obtain more information about your application on the mobile web and on the  computer. It is a profitable method for using SEO (search engine

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optimization) to attract new users. When setting up your app’s landing page, it’s important to provide a visualization of what users can expect if they install  it. You should include links to your app on App Store and Google Play Store with  a clear link to the action.

Of course, it is essential to show user opinions and include screenshots of the  user experience of your application.

Having a blog is another way that SEO can be used to find new users and  reach your target audience.

2.The importance of app store optimization

The ASO or SEO positioning applications is the process of improving the  visibility of the application on App Store and Google Play Store. This process is  fundamental to user feedback, as it helps direct a large portion of potential  users to the App Store.

We are convinced that you would like to know more about ASO’s positioning:

3. Trigger the visibility of your App on Social Networks

Let us tell you that it is important to be visible and active on social  media. Seguin Statista Internet users around the world spend 2 hours and 25  minutes a day connecting to social platforms.

Therefore, we advise you to post regularly on your social and alternative  platforms to promote your product.

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We know very well that social networks are a great way to build a community  and get feedback from users who do not usually communicate through your  application or through your website.

Additionally, you can post blog entries, contests, tips, and user-generated  content.

4. Marketing influencers, ambassadors of your


90% of online consumers say that authenticity is an important part of their  decision when choosing a brand. Influencer marketing is the use of influencers  (micro influencers, Nano influencers, etc.) to reach new users and promote your  brand.

This marketing strategy has conquered the industry in recent years. In addition,  according to the study by Social public (2020), 89.2% of advertisers confirm  that influencer marketing is very effective.

Therefore, remember, this is a great way to introduce users to the functionality  of your app and give them a unique reason to install it based on their interest in  an influencer.

5. Advertisements for user acquisition

The acquisition of paying users is a classic marketing strategies. That’s why the  main goal is to attract new users to your app through paid ads.

It is clear that this strategy requires the design and configuration of campaigns  based on public investment. Knowing the user is vital so as not to spoil all that  investment and obtain better results.

6. Choose the appropriate performance indicators to improve the performance and  success of your application.

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The success of your strategy should be linked to key performance indicators  (KPIs) or clear performance indicators. They can be used to evaluate and  measure all the actions we take on the internet and in your app, as well  as to measure the effectiveness of each action.

With these indicators you can identify if the actions are reaching the  objectives you expected or if it indicates where to make improvements.

7.Bet on retention and loyalty campaigns

The retention rate is the percentage of users who remain active after a certain  amount of time.

Focus on retention as a means to boost the Lifetime Value or LTV (net value  of the income that a client generates during the time they stay with us) and  the ROAS or Return on Advertising Investment.

So, by retaining users for longer, you will get more participation and additional  income from users who have already installed your app.

Discount rates allow you to spot improvements to your application.

8.Design an email marketing strategy

Having a mailing list is a great way to keep your users up to date with specials  and news.

With this strategy you can also increase retention rates and generate income. Conclusion

If you follow all these marketing actions & app marketing strategy, you will be prepared to create and  capture value from the users of your app and achieve your goals.

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