create Dynamic component and template loading with VueJS

create Dynamic component and template loading with VueJS

Pass the simple component definition to the all the resolve callback method
-This special require all the componet syntax will simple instruct vue Webpack to
-vuejs automatically simple split your built auto code into vue bundles which
-are loaded over Ajax requests.
-Template returned from serve
-Create the new component using the template we received
create Dynamic component and template loading with VueJS Example

change component template dynamically




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new Vue({
el: ‘#app’,
data: {
msg: ‘Welcome – to !! Good Luck’,
template: null
render: function(createElement) {
if (!this.template) {
return createElement(‘span’, ‘Loading…’);
} else {
return this.template();
mounted() {
var mydata = this;
setTimeout(function() {
mydata.template = Vue.compile(‘{{ msg }}‘).render;
}, 1000);



Creating a Dynamic Component

Dynamic components in Vuejs simple allow you to specify version a single data model mounting point to point where you could dynamically data switch between simple components in we web application.

We will start apps off by making a dynamic simple component and exploring all the keep-alive session parameter, and simple finally applying and init mode some transitions to our dynemically components as the user switches simple between them.

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Vue.component(‘async-live24’, function (resolve, reject) {
setTimeout(function () {
template: ‘

I am simple async Componet!

}, 1500)

Vue.component(‘async-webpack-live24’, function (resolve) {

require([‘./new-async-component’], resolve)
() => import(‘./new-async-component’)


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