Gas/Electricity Supply Companies worldwide

Gas/Electricity Supply Companies worldwide

Today, We want to share with you Gas/Electricity Supply Companies worldwide.
In this post we will show you Top 10 oil and gas companies in the world – Utilities, hear for largest gas and electric utilities we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Biggest Oil And Gas Companies In The World with an example.

gas rates ga” could refer to various things, such as:

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  • Natural Gas Rates: These are the charges associated with the consumption of natural gas for heating, cooking, or other purposes. Gas rates can vary based on factors like location, provider, and the amount of gas used.
  • Gasoline (Petrol) Rates: This refers to the cost of gasoline, which is used as fuel for vehicles. Gasoline prices can vary due to factors like crude oil prices, taxes, and market demand.
  • Ethereum Gas Fees: In the context of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, “gas” refers to the fee required to perform operations or transactions on the Ethereum network. Gas fees can vary based on network congestion and the complexity of the transaction.
  • Utility Gas Rates: This could include rates for other utility gases, such as propane or compressed natural gas, used for various purposes like heating, industrial processes, and vehicle fuel.
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The world’s top 10 utility companies

There are the following the latest list of the utility Top Companies in the World Wide.
->Dominion Resources
->Duke Energy
->National Grid
->Southern Company

Top 6 Business Energy Supplier Companies

There are the following the latest list of An Energy Supplier Top Companies.
->EDF Energy
->British Gas

Top 10 oil and gas companies in the world

There are the following the latest list of the Oil and Gas Top Companies in the World Wide(List of Top 10 oil and gas companies by Market Value abd revenue).

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companies Name Revenue(in billion) Market Value( in billion)
10: LukOil (Russia) : $90.4 : $36.8
9: Reliance Industries (India) Revenue: $42.2 Market Value: $50.6
8. Rosneft (Russia) Revenue: $80.8 Market Value: $51.1
7. Gazprom (Russia) Revenue: $102.1 Market Value: $57.1
6. Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands) Revenue: $264.9 Market Value: $210
5. Sinopec (China) Revenue: $283.6 Market Value: $89.9
4. Total (France) Revenue: $143.4 Market Value: $121.9
3. Chevron (United States) Revenue: $129.9 Market Value: $192.3
2. Petro China (China) Revenue: $274.6 Market Value: $203.8
1. Exxon Mobil (United States) Revenue: $236.8 Market Value: $ 363.3

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