Top apps for keylogging

Keylogging, the word is ambiguous when heard for the first time. Is it an action or just a name? It cannot be easy to use the feature without knowing its meaning.

You shall be mildly pleased that it is just an action of storing logs of keys pressed. Impressively, modern apps provide us the facility to record the keystrokes in a remote target device without the need for rooting a device; rooting is done in a device to use low-level functionalities.

In the hoard of apps in our app stores, it isn’t easy to make a selection. You know you have done window shopping of the apps with keylogging features, which is ironic as we use Windows on computers.

Digital platforms are vulnerable to security threats from the outside as well as data leaks from the inside. From parents to employers, from household to enterprise, everywhere there are problems regarding security, which is why we are here to seek solutions.

Many apps have keylogging features, but the best ones should not have to root or jailbreak. We found some of them.

Applications for Keylogging

  • provides a perfect solution for spying on mobile devices and other devices as well. It tracks the keystrokes of one application and finds out the browsing history of the device.
  • You can track all messages even if they are deleted in stealth mode. If there are some words particularly interesting to you, you can set a custom keyword alert.
  • The use of the application is super easy. You should install the application and feed the information about the target. In the dashboard, you will find a keylogger section.
  • The cost of the service is the cheapest. If there are better cost plans for the user, definitely service must have been compromised.
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  • A free plan
  • A $5.83 per month basic plan
  • An $8.33 per month premium plan.


  • Hoverwatch is one of the best applications for tracking mobile phones’ calls, messages, location, and many other spying operations.
  • Keylogging is also the best feature of this application. It is one of the few apps which implements keylogging without rooting an Android device. The service is incredible. You can track multiple devices from one phone.
  • Mobile tracking is free with free signup. However, additional services require different costs, depending on the quality and number of users. So, to test the application, you can do it for free.
  • It is already providing its services on 12 million devices.


  • $24.95 per month for a device.
  • $9.99 per month per device for five devices.
  • $6 per month per device for 25 devices.

Flexi Spy

  • It has all standard features and sees every key log detail in real-time. It secretly captures your log information on every application used by the target device.
  • Flexi Spy has been serving as a device spy software for over a decade now and has a big user community.
  • In addition to keylogging, you can have phone call recording, phone call interception, record phone surroundings, and listen live to the surrounding.
  • You can order a phone pre-installed with the app.
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  • $29.95 per month for the lite package.
  • $68 per month for the premium package.


  • mSpy is another mobile spy tool used for keylogging. It helps to keep track of social networking sites, phone calls, messages, and other applications.
  • You will know what your children or employees are browsing into by spying on their keystrokes.
  • It is safe for any governing body to monitor its assets, in this case, human beings. The usability is very simple, and anyone can use the product.
  • You can use an I-phone without jailbreak. It is highly compatible with multiple devices.


  • $60 a month for a family, up to 8 members.
  • $26.99 per month for a basic subscription.


  • ikeymonitor is the ultimate parental monitoring application. You, as a parent, can monitor every keystroke on your child’s phone. You can spy on their text messages, internet search history, calls, GPS locations, and social networking activities.
  • Supporting features of this application are chat monitoring, geo-fencing, time limits on activities, and call recordings. It supports multiple languages, so tampering with the keyboard doesn’t affect the service.
  • You can take a demo before paying for the application. If you are not satisfied after payment, there are 30 days money-back guarantee.
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  • $16.66 per month for family
  • $9.9 per person per month for business(+20 users required)

Something about ethics

Spying on someone is ethically wrong. It’s an offense to violate someone’s basic human right. Even my family members, it is a violation. But there are some more important aspects than laws and rights. Its safety, which both of them cannot assure.

The Internet has become an open market for criminals and offenders to do something and get away with it. Cyberbullying and data theft are two main problems to put children in extreme psychological trauma. With a slight error in judgment, a person can harm you in many ways on the Internet.

In such a scenario, parents or the proprietor of a business must monitor their loved ones. Guard and discipline them by any means possible.

This conservation principle has led to the acceptance that it is okay to use any means to protect someone.

We must spread awareness about these spy applications being okay as a protection effort. The target person must take it as a positive gesture.


The keylogging apps mentioned above are some of the many services that are available on the Internet. Every application has a different user experience, cost, and places of influence. But all of them are dedicated to providing a key for a safe, controlled environment to the guardians.

The applications try to protect the understanding between the relationship by being secretive about the act, but it depends on how we justify our actions. Talk openly about it or permanently be on stealth mode.

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