krishna janmashtami

krishna janmashtami : story of lord shri krishna :-

The beauty of our ancient stories is that they are never created at a particular place or time. Ramayana or Mahabharata are not mere incidents that happened in ancient times.

These happen everyday in our life. The essence of these stories is eternal.

The story of Shri Krishna’s birth also has an esoteric meaning. In this story, Devaki is the symbol of the body and Vasudev is the life force i.e. life force.

When the body assumes prana, Ananda i.e. Shri Krishna is born. But the ego (Kamsa) tries to destroy the bliss. Here Devaki’s brother Kansa shows that the ego exists along with the body.

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A happy and joyful person never creates problems for anyone, but sad and emotionally injured people often injure others, or create obstacles in their path.

The person who feels that injustice has been done to him, he also treats others unjustly because of his ego.

The biggest enemy of the ego is bliss. Where there is joy and love, the ego cannot stand, it has to bow down. Even a person sitting in a very high position in the society has to bow down in front of his small child.

shree krishna janmashtami ashram vrindavan

happy krishna janmashtami photos
shree krishna janmashtami ashram vrindavan

When a child is sick, no matter how strong a person may be, he starts feeling a little helpless. When confronted with love, simplicity and bliss, the ego automatically disappears easily.

Shri Krishna is the epitome of bliss, the essence of simplicity and the source of love.

The imprisoning of Devaki and Vasudeva by Kansa indicates that when the ego increases, the body becomes like a prison.

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When Shri Krishna was born, the prison guards were asleep. The guard here is the senses that are guarding the ego because when it wakes up it becomes extroverted.

When these senses are introverted, inner bliss arises within us.

krishna janmashtami

krishna janmashtami
krishna janmashtami

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Another name of Shri Krishna – meaning of “Makhan thief”

Shri Krishna is also known as Makhanchor. Milk is the essence of nutrition and curd is a refined form of milk. When curd is churned, butter forms and floats on top.

It is not heavy but also light and nutritious. When our intellect is churned, it becomes like butter. Then knowledge arises in the mind, and one becomes established in one’s self.

Even while living in the world, he remains detached, his mind is not disappointed with the things/behaviors of the world. Makhanchori is a symbol of depiction of the glory of Shri Krishna love.

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Such is the charm and skill of Shri Krishna that he steals the mind of even the most restrained person.

happy krishna janmashtami photos

krishna janmashtami
krishna janmashtami

Significance of Peacock Feather on Shri Krishna’s Head

A king is responsible for his entire subjects. He bears the burden of these responsibilities in the form of a crown. But Shri Krishna fulfills all his responsibility with great ease – like a game.

Like a mother never finds it a burden to take care of her children. Shri Krishna also does not feel burdened by his responsibilities and he easily bears these responsibilities in the form of a peacock feather (which is also very light) full of different colors on his crown.

Shri Krishna is a charming and blissful stream within all of us. When there is no restlessness, worry or desire in the mind, then only we can attain deep relaxation and only in deep relaxation Shri Krishna is born.

It is time to bring a wave of happiness in the society. This is the message of Janmashtami. Be seriously joyful.

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