Nested ng-repeat Checkboxes in AngularJS Example

Nested ng-repeat Checkboxes in AngularJS Example

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Nested ng-repeat Example

1.set in angular to checklist-model instead of ng-model
2.set in angular to checklist all the select value
– what should be here picked as array item

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here Example of how to all the render data in display nested ng-repeat(s) all data and get data items the selected product items from the nested list all the checkbox in real-time through a change event or looping through the data value in the end.

Example 2





Select All checkbox to select nested angular ng-repeat checkboxes


  • {{}}



Click below to have application editdata selected product items in realtime

Toggle editdata on Change Event


Selected product Items

{{resultData |json}}

Source Data

{{productData |json}}



var app = angular.module(‘infinityknow’, []);
app.controller(‘nestedCtrl’, function($scope) {

$scope.editdata = {realtime : false};
$scope.productData = [{
“number”: “2013-W45”,
“days”: [{
“worksDay”: “Monday”,
“service”: [{
“name”: “early”,
}, {
“name”: “work 9-5”,

}, {
“worksDay”: “Tuesday”,
“service”: [{
“name”: “My Ng Data live24u”
}, {
“name”: “Simple”
}, {
“name”: “Example of Data”

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$scope.selectGetDataItems = function(_event) {
var data = $scope.productData;
var results = [];
var day = null;

if (!_event && !$scope.editdata.realtime) {

day = _day;
if (_pdata.checked === true) { = day.worksDay;

$scope.resultData = results;

Example 1

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