Today, We want to share with you PHP Remove Item From Comma Separated string.
In this post we will show you php string functions, hear for Convert Comma Separated String into Array we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Remove an item from comma separated string using PHP with an example.

PHP Remove Item From Comma Separated string

There are the Following The simple About PHP Remove Item From Comma Separated string Full Information With Example and source code.

PHP Remove an item from comma separated string

Everyone devlopers small problems arrized to this solution I need to any 1 remove particuler item from your comma separated values in a string for Example.

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Input String: jaydeep,krunal,Ankit,chirag
Output String: jaydeep,Ankit,chirag

function deleteItemStrings($str, $item) {
$parts = explode(',', $str);
while(($gst = array_search($item, $parts)) !== false) {
return implode(',, $parts);

$liveStr = 'jaydeep,krunal,Ankit,chirag';
$dataResults = deleteItemStrings($liveStr, "krunal");
echo "<pre>";
echo "Input String: ".$liveStr;
echo “Output String: ".$dataResults;
echo "</pre>";


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$members = array("jaydeep","krunal","Ankit");
$strarr = array();
foreach($members as $fruit)
	array_push($strarr,$fruit); // step #1 - add values to an array
$string = implode("','",$strarr); // step #2 - implode array
echo "SELECT * FROM collage WHERE members IN ('$string')";

Out put : SELECT * FROM collage WHERE members IN (‘jaydeep’,’krunal’,’Ankit’).

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