8 Pocket-Friendly Gift Ideas For Diwali 

Well, we all know Diwali is the commemoration of lights and gifts to your cherished ones. Festive gifting is the most fashionable trend nowadays. But what represents a vital part of festive gifting is budget.

Yes, whether you believe it or not, festival gifting is essentially focused on budget, and actually, it should be. A budget-centric gift buying not only makes the recipient happy, but you can also rely on your pocket at that time. Time has been switched now. 

Today everything is more expensive than earlier days; still, you have to give your cherished one at a special event that bears strongly on your pod or budget.

If you are solely set for budget ordering this Diwali, then we are here with some very rocking Online Diwali gifts in Chandigarh on a budget. Now, you want not to fret as online shopping sites have all the solutions to your difficulties.

When you visit a nearby shop or shop for buying something you have to pay plenty of money for the product as there are so various expenses added in that like travelling allowances, also still you are not convinced with the result as you cannot go so far in quest of a classic one as a lot of energy is required too. There are so various things that you can present as Diwali gifts beneath your funds. Those lovely informative articles are listed here.

Personalized Chocolates

Personalized gifts are the ideal gifting solution for any event. So why not gift personalized chocolates to your cherished ones this festive season? Indulge all your generous cravers with a premium chocolate box personalized with heartwarming wishes of the festive period.

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Family Photo Frames

Photo frames are something that we all admire. You can think of this as one of the most fantastic gift options. Gather pictures that capture special moments with the person you want to gift, get prints of such valuable moments and put them together in a unique or multi-frame. Spend money to buy a low-priced frame as digital paper prints don’t cost very much.

Diwali Gift Hampers

Varying on your budget, you can choose a relevant Diwali gift hamper for your cherished ones. These are the hampers where you can gift a basket abundant of sweets, chocolates or dry nuts. So maintain the ceremony by giving these hamper packs to your families. Send Diwali gifts to Noida is available. This is the best way to commemorate joy with your relatives, as we Indians have a ceremony of taking a bite of sweets at a happy time. It expresses the feeling of sharing joy and happiness.

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Lamp Shade with Fairy Lights

Is the five-day-long festival of lights whole without a lovely lampshade? Perhaps, not! Use this chance to give your cherished ones a unique string of a lampshade adorned with fairy lights to keep the glow of the festival alive. It will immediately jazz up the look of the home and give it a mysterious glow.

Terracotta Ganesha

When you are at any local shops in your city getting diyas, see for Terracota Ganesha. The auspicious elephant god is worshipped in all houses throughout this festival and will be more than grateful as a gift. Various artefacts aside from Ganesha are also created by local artisans & potters with many eco-friendly elements that you can purchase during this season. There are also local markets, ‘meals, exhibitions, etc., where you can get these sorts of gifts that are both unusual and affordable.

Diwali Decorations

Diwali is the celebration of lights as well as the festival of design. People enhance their house on this day, so giving embellishing items as a gift is the most fabulous idea, and most importantly, it is on budget. You can acquire lighting accomplices, rangoli stickers, paper lamps, earthen lamps, Torans, artificial blossoms, Jhumar etc. All these are the perfect option for gifting purposes. And the most enjoyable part is it all occurs in your budget.

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Antique Serving Trays

An old-fashioned serving tray is a classy Diwali gift for the festive period this year. It is a beautiful way to serve tea & adds a vintage gift to the dining space. Pick a nifty tray set for your cherished ones among the available designs. While choosing, assure that you choose the best one based on your cherished one’s preferences.

Potted ‘Tulsi’ or Holy Basil

The divine ‘Tulsi’ or holy basil plant is of prominent significance during Diwali. The plant is worshipped as a part of the various rituals observed for the festival. You can go to an online nursery and choose some saplings of this plant. Buy small sized bright ceramic pots or painted pots and transfer the saplings in them before presenting them.


Hence these are some of the rocking and helpful gift ideas for Diwali shopping on a budget. While opting for online Diwali buying for gifts, you have to remember the quality of the product because there is no bargaining with quality when it gets to gifts.

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