Trekking across the natural beauties of Sar Pass

Sar Pass – Going to the Himalayas in India is an experience that ought not be trifled with and a melange of involvement and self-affirmation. Every mountain is reachable in case you basically keep walking around it.

If your energy starts with experience and voyaging, by then this is the best way to deal with moving away from such pressing factors of the noisy metropolitan networks.

Take the experience of going to Sar Pass, Sar Pass Trek, one of the principal delightful valleys which is loaded up with normal ponders, a recognition that offers perpetual superbness, quietness and experience. 

Take in the greatness of spellbinding vistas of Kasol and start walking around Grahan Village through verdant forest! Following day, the more outrageous way into the forest will take you to the Nagaru Campsite.

The enrapturing points of view on Parvati Valley will entrance you. An early morning venture through Biskeri Thatch will take you to the puzzling Sar pass! 

Instructions to go Sar Pass TrekThere are three different ways to reach at the Kasol for Sar Pass Trekking: 

1. Via Air 

The closest air terminal is Bhuntar Airport which is the just and significant air terminal of the Kullu Manali district.

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It’s unequivocally associated with Delhi air terminal and all around associated with all significant air terminals through Delhi. The departures from Delhi are at ordinary spans.

The space between Kasol and Bhuntar Airport is 32 km, so from that point you’ll board on the public authority/private transport; else you can enlist an individual vacationer taxi. It’ll barely require one hour to prevail in Kasol. 

2. Via Train 

The closest railroad station is Jogindernagar which is 125 km away. There are HRTC and other transports accessible to Kasol so pick in like manner. From that point you’ll likewise enlist an individual taxi, however which will be a touch bit costly alternative. 

3. By Road 

This is the least complex decision to arrive at Kasol. In the event that you’re having the chance to reach from Delhi, you’ll board on the transport from ISBT or Majnu ka Tilla Bus Stand.

The space between Delhi and Kasol is 517 Km, and it’ll take 12-13 hrs so by the overnight excursion you’ll arrive at Kasol inside in the morning.


It’s prompted that Chandigarh will be more reasonable for the street venture on the grounds that when contrasted with Delhi distance is a more modest sum. For example 310 Km it’ll take 8-9 hrs to prevail in. From Sector-43 ISBT you’ll board the govt transport. 

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About Location 

Sar Pass – The valley Parvati, Kullu region, Himachal Pradesh is one among the preeminent excellent valleys which is loaded up with regular miracles.

It’s likewise renowned among trekkers from one side of the Planet to the other.

There are different trek courses in Parvati Valley where the preeminent supported and brave way is – ” Sar Pass Natural miracles”. There’s a purpose for the name of Sar Pass.

Steady with local people, the lake is referenced as “Sar” in their nearby language. While in transit from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Bridge you’ll go through the frozen lake.

Which is distinguished by local people as “Sar”? It’s one among the preeminent well known treks inside the Shivalik mountain ranges. This trek is difficult for the strength of trekkers.

It’s one among the high height treks in Himachal Pradesh. 

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The strength of this trek course is that each spot you’ll go through is the most excellent spot.

All through the trekking, you’ll be in wonderment. The Sar Pass Trek stature is 13,850 feet above water level which makes it the high elevation trek.

The base camp to begin trekking is Kasol headquarters. Kasol is furthermore a popular traveler place and furthermore alluded to as “Scaled down Israel of Himalayas”.

This spot is encircled by rich green snow capped glades, Deodar tree timberlands, Pinewood woodlands and Rhododendrons.

This town is found close to the banks of the Parvati River. One more claim to fame of Kasol is that it’s close to another vacationer location, for example Manikaran and Barshaini.

Manikaran is where two religions Hinduism and Sikhism juncture where Barshaini is unbelievable on the grounds that it is the base town for kheer Ganga trekking. 

How is the climate during the open season? 

Sar Pass – The climate, during the day, remains for the most part charming all through the open season yet it gets moderately cold during the nights and early mornings.

The temperature during the trek stays between 12 degree Centigrade and 20 degree Centigrade during daytime. Around evening time, temperature can run anywhere between – 2 degree Centigrade and 6 degree Centigrade.

Ahead of schedule inside the season, there’s consistently a chance of snowfall so conveying an extra layer of thermals and a waterproof shell is critical.

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