Best Tips to Style Vintage Outfits

Best Tips to Style Vintage Outfits : Vintage fashion has its class. It is the art of mixing different eras into better. Fashion lovers keep repurposing their wardrobes for good.

However, not every dress in the latest stock looks cool. You may find an older designer better than the one on this month’s magazine cover.

It is all about choice and style. I love vintage outfits for their language. These dresses speak of an era many people miss. Most often, folks avoid vintage-style outfits to look normal. Nonetheless, it’s okay if others think you are wearing a costume.

Fashion from the late 20th century is irreplaceable. Experts always mix it with current trends and recreate clothes. Anyone can do so by erasing the line between old-fashioned and unique-fashioned.

I am sharing some tips to help you carry all vintage dresses in your wardrobe.Style Vintage Outfits.

Vintage Outfit Ideas and Tips

Style Vintage Outfits – Understand that, a vintage outfit is not limited to clothing. It is timeless fashion catering to your entire ensemble. Hairstyle, dress, footwear, accessories, and makeup – these combine to create a vintage model.

Stick With Your Pair of Jeans

Jeans are the most popular dress in any closet. It can enhance the look of almost every dress easily. You can wear it to the party, hotel, office, and date easily. Likewise, it is a great pick with vintage shirts.Style Vintage Outfits.

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Style your hair like an old Hollywood celebrity and enjoy the look. The easiest way to save on a lavish pair of jeans is by purchasing them from a thrift store. For more, you can use the DealMeCoupon and cut the overall cost with ease.

Style Vintage Outfits
Best Tips to Style Vintage Outfits

Invest in Garments that Look Trendy

Style Vintage Outfits – Most fashion brands own a separate section for vintage clothing. If you are fond of this era, browse these sections deeply. I always find a set of designer clothing that looks astonishing and vintage at the same time.

By mixing old prints and the latest style, an outfit can be recreated. This is what most brands are doing in the industry. You can invest in such dresses and update your vintage wardrobe easily. Often fashion bloggers sell old clothes and tips to recreate them. You can take help from these.

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Incorporate Vintage Style Necklines

Style Vintage Outfits – Vintage dresses are popular for their stylish necklines. Hence, halter-neck, boat neck, and sweetheart neckline are my favorite ones. To look trendy, you can pick a neck style that suits your shoulders.

A modern top, blouse, or dress with these necklines will give a vintage feel. For more, give attention to lace. Previously, divas had laces attached to sleeves, cuffs, hemlines, and necklines. You can try this style too.

Also, lace can be added in two different ways to any vintage outfit. Either wear a monochromatic dress with same-colored lace; or, add lace in contrast.Style Vintage Outfits.

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Pair Vintage Tops with Denim

Denim is the king of fashion. You can wear denim with anything and still look stylish. Thus, pair your vintage blouses, shirts, tees, and tops with denim to rock the dress.

Get hands-on fancy denim shorts and pick your best-printed shirt from the closet. Summer is the ideal time to wear denim rompers, a hat, striped inner, and ankle-short socks. To enhance the look, wrap a scarf around your neck or hair.

Slip into Knee-Length Skirts

Previously, wearing knee-length skirts was a trend among elite class women. Thus, girls can wear vintage skirts with printed tops. Think of soft colors like aqua, pink, lavender, and peach with stylish blouses.

In contrast, pair bold skirts like turquoise, maroon, black, and navy with plain shirts. For more, you can tuck in animal-print tees with skirts too. Overall, it will give a retro look without throwing you back in time.

Print Vintage Designs on Modern Clothes

You can enhance the look of a modern dress by using vintage prints. Think of vintage quotes and photographs printed in the center of a lovely top. You can also print it in a combination of black and white to bring a vintage feel.

Another option is to apply vintage prints like polka dots and traditional florals. Pair these prints with plain pants or get vintage prints on trousers for a retro look. Do whatever makes you look unique but stylish at the same time.

Try Vintage Makeup and Hairstyle

Fashion experts always give attention to hairstyle when creating a vintage look. It is because unless you replicate an old-style, your hair will still look modern. The same is the case with vintage makeup and its steps.

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You can slip in a dress from the 50s and pair it with a classic ballerina bun to compensate for the look. Likewise, traditional haircuts and designer dresses are a good combination to enter a party without turning yourself into a character.

Mix it All During Summertime

Summers are an exciting time of the year. This season is all about ample colors in a single dress. Thus, fashionistas consider it a great time to carry vintage on the street. You can slip into a vibrant buttoned shirt in dark colors and wear it with faded jeans.

Also, summers welcome hairbands, scarves, and boots. Wear your branded dress shirt and tie a knot at its end to give a vibrant look. Knots at the end of pants and sleeves are also an excellent way to repurpose vintage attires.

Dos And Don’ts of Vintage Clothing

Styling vintage clothes is fun. But, do not miss the important dos and don’ts while you wear vintage on the go.

  • Do pair up old with new
  • Don’t run behind trendy look only
  • Do alter a dress to make sure it fits
  • Don’t slip back into time with an extra old dress
  • Do add a little modern touch to an old piece
  • Don’t slip in vintage from head to toe

The Bottom Line

That’s all from my side. There are impossible ways to style your vintage outfits. It all depends upon the creativity of an individual. You can recreate a vintage dress several times by altering it.Style Vintage Outfits.

If you have any other ideas to repurpose vintage, share in the comments below. Also, share the pictures of your outfits for a better idea!

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