Time Management Tips for PTE Exam: Is that essential?

Time management is an inevitable factor to consider in the PTE Academic exam to score desired marks. A proper time breakdown is critical to gain the coveted result. Students often complain about missing the writing from dictation, essay writing, and many more.

In order to achieve that cut-off score of 79+, it is essential to accomplish all the provided tasks within the time frame. We understand it is pretty daunting to answer every question you know, but you have left a few portions due to the lack of time.

So, have you ever thought of why you feel time constraints in an exam?

As learning is a continuous process, definite fundamental things are there, which are taught in every life stage to develop more. That’s why, to ascertain how effectively you apply those particular learned things, examiners have set a time limit for every test. You may try out the PTE mock test to assess yourself quickly on this front.

The lack of adequate time management in each section, students are unable to attempt every part. In today’s article, we will discuss the best tips for time management for the PTE Academic. Let’s get to it!

 Essential Time Management for the PTE Academic Tips


1. PTE Speaking Time Management

The absolute time breakdown is shown below in a tabular format:

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Task Time takes to prepare Time Given Probable # of tasks
Repeat Sentence 10 seconds 10 seconds 10-12
Illustrate pictures 25 seconds 40 seconds 6 or 7
Retell Lecture After the lecture 10 seconds 40 seconds 3 or 4
Read Aloud 40 seconds 40 seconds 6 or 7
Answer short questions 10 seconds 10 seconds 10-12


Every task possesses a specified time given to it. You need to be highly prepared as the timer will start and shut automatically as per the set timer. The PTE Writing section consists of 5 tasks, which should be completed within 27-43 minutes.

Always remember that the PTE speaking section will quickly start right after the clock hits 40 seconds. If you want to wait for the remaining few seconds after the task completion, don’t speak anything in the microphone as it is active.

2. PTE Writing Time Management

The real-time breakdown is shown below for PTE Writing in a tabular format:

Task Probable number of tasks Total time either 50 or 60 minutes
Essay Writing 1 or 2 20 minutes each
Summarize Written Text 1 or 2 or 3 10 minutes each

There are two tasks in the PTE Writing section, which must be completed within 50-60 minutes. You don’t need to be anxious about the entire time management as you can efficiently utilize the total time.

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In order to write down the best answer, you should plan your time consumption. You need to decide how much time you want to devote to each task as some questions need you to write more than one task.

3. PTE Reading Time Management

The time breakdown is shown below for PTE Reading in a tabular format:

Task Recommended time for each task Probable # of tasks Total time frame

(40 minutes)

Multiple Choice

Multiple Answer

2 mins. 20 sec. 2 or 3 7 minutes
Multiple Choice Single Answer 1 min. 30 sec. 2 or 3 4 minutes 30 sec.
Fill in the Blanks 1 min. 50 sec 4 or 5 9 minutes
Reading Writing Fill in the Blanks 2 mins. 20 sec. 5 or 6 14 minutes
Reorder Paragraph 1 min. 50 sec. 2 or 3 5 minutes. 30 sec.

Here, you have to decide on your own how much time you want to devote or to carry forward. This section consists of a total of 5 tasks, and should be completed within 32-40 minutes. Therefore, it could be advantageous for you on how well you can play with time.

4.PTE Listening Time Management

Task PTE Timed Event Recommended time for each tasks Probable # of tasks Total time frame

(50 minutes)

Summarize Spoken Text 10 minutes If you finish early, click forward 2 or 3 30 minutes
Highlight Correct Summary 30 seconds 2 or 3 3 minutes
Highlight Incorrect words 60 seconds 2 or 3 1 minute 30 second
Multiple Choice Multiple Answer 60 seconds 2 or 3 3 minutes
Select Missing Word 60 seconds 2 or 3 3 minutes
Write from Dictation 45 seconds 2 or 3 3 minutes
Fill in the Blanks 60 seconds 2 or 3 3 minutes
Multiple Choice Single Answer 60 seconds 2 or 3 3 minutes


This section contains a total of 8 tasks, and should be completed within 45-57 minutes. You should pay great attention to the audio as it will not replay. Therefore, without wasting time and getting distressed by one question, you should carefully answer the remaining.

To conclude, time management is necessary for achieving a definite goal. That’s why make a robust study plan and start practicing rigorously for the desired score. Evaluate your performance daily or frequently with the help of PTE full mock test with score and overcome your weaknesses.

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