Tips to save money when traveling in Europe – Travel to europe cheaper

Tips to save money when traveling in Europe for Travel to europe cheaper: Have booked direct flights to Poland from USA or any other European country? Or are you planning the most awaited trip to Europe? Know the top tips to save money when traveling in Europe to enjoy a budget-friendly holiday.

Traveling to Europe isn’t an everyday opportunity and most of the time people save for years to take a trip to Europe. And most of the travelers visiting Europe are on a tight budget that needs to be maintained. Although booking a flight from USA to London or any other European destination is a great way to save yourself some money, but it isn’t the only one Travel to europe cheaper.

Tips to save money when traveling in Europe – Travel to europe cheaper

Let’s know the top tips to save money when traveling in Europe – Travel to europe cheaper

Start with a proper planning

There are a lot of European destinations that are cheaper to travel to than the others, try including them in your travel itinerary. If you haven’t still decided on which European destinations to travel to or already have a few in mind, then make the selections on a cost basis.

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Also Travel to europe cheaper, proper planning helps you avoid hasty decisions that usually go hard on your bank accounts.

Choose off-season traveling

Travel to europe cheaper – Every European destination faces off-season at a different time of the year but during this period the traveling and flying costs are the lowest. As you have already selected your destination, check the time when it is most affordable to fly there.

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Make bookings in advance

Whether it is hotel booking or air tickets, booking them in advance is the most budget-friendly way to make them. As you have selected the time for flying to your destination, start looking for air tickets. Also never wait until the last minute to book air tickets as you will end up breaking your bank. The idle time to start looking for air tickets is 6 months before the trip, while the idle time to book tickets is between 4 to 1 month before your flying schedule.

The same goes with train tickets, trains between two European destinations cost higher when booked in the last 15 days of the riding schedule. So, if your travel itinerary includes a train ride, make sure to book train tickets at least 1 month before your riding schedule.

Make a list of the free places to visit

Even the costliest European cities like London have a lot of places including parks and museums with no or a nominal entry fee. Make a list of such places and try to include them in your travel itineraries. Parks like Hyde Park have no entry fee and are great places for a day picnic.

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Use public transport

Europe owns one of the most well-connected transportation network systems and mostly all of its countries are equipped with it. Taking a cab or taxi everywhere is not going to help you with your budget. And thus using public transportation is the best way to stay within your budget.

If you feel overwhelmed by the European transportation system or find it difficult to be understood, then you can always ask for help. Many mobile applications use GPS to help you know about the public transportation systems available. Some of these applications also inform you about the prices charged by different transportation means and the time taken by them. Thus, you can make a balanced choice and travel comfortably without having the fear of getting lost in the city.

Be smart with accommodation bookings

Never book a hotel in Europe close by to a popular landmark as they often charge higher than the distant ones. Also booking a hotel residing at the center of any European city can be very expensive thus be smart while booking accommodations.

Go to a hotel booking website and compare the prices charged by different hotels and make sure then the breakfast is included within the tariff. This will help you save good money daily, as food in Europe is both great and costly.

Most times there is a slight difference in hotel tariffs when they are including services like breakfast and parking and when they are not. Make sure to spend a little extra to get your hands on these services.

Buying a data plan in a foreign country often costs much and can make you break your budget. Booking accommodation that provides you with complimentary Wi-Fi services is a great way to save yourself some money.

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Choose a roaming place wisely

International roaming rates can easily go heavy on your pocket and thus it is best to choose one wisely. The market is filled with different plan offers that provide SMS, internet, and calling services at fixed prices. Thus, instead of using the international roaming facilities, choose to go with an International European plan. This plan costs between $20 to $30 for a validity of 10 days and for the internet you can always rely on the free Wi-Fi.

Take benefit of the city passes

Instead of buying a separate ticket for every travel itinerary, buy a city pass that allows you entry to the city’s main attractions at much lower prices. There are separate asses and you can choose one according to your travel desires. Like if you share a love for historical sites and things, then a Museum Pass will work efficiently for you.

These passes not only help you to visit local attractions at reasonable lines but also they help you avoid long ticket lines. Thus, you can visit more itineraries without feeling tired and make the most of your trip. These passes are available at airports, train stations, tourist information booths, and a few other places.

Use a carry on to take your snack and water with you

Travel to europe cheaper – Never buy food or water from near an attraction as the quality of food is low at these places and the prices are the highest. Always keep a carry-on with bottled water and snacks in it to munch upon whenever you need a bite.

Also, the tap water in most of the European cities is safe, and buying bottled water is just a waste of money. Carry your bottle and whenever it gets empty, you can fill it with tap water instead of buying a new one.

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