USSD Full Form and how it works?

Many times we have to face a lot of trouble to know important things about our Android mobile. This mobile short code keys tells the status of your mobile and we know that key as USSD Code.

There has been a lot of development in technology, while many of these codes are being used, however, let me tell you that after the arrival of mobiles in this world, USSD codes are being used in mobiles, From which you can believe that the technology of USSD code is very old.

Have you ever heard the name about USSD? I don’t think you are familiar with it. But, very few people know what is USSD code.

What is this article USSD code? What is the full form of USSD, how does it work and how are they used? Will give complete guidelines about this, just keep reading from below.

ussd full form || full form of ussd

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

What is USSD Code?

First of all, you need to know USSD full form that full name is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. Which in Hindi means unstructured supplementary service data. This code can be used without internet access.

USSD is a communication protocol that uses codes made up of number characters available on a mobile phone, USSD messages can be up to 182 characters long and they are a real-time communication session between the phone and another device, usually a network or server. Let’s make.

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Almost all these codes start with * and end with #. Between these two symbols, there can be any number from 0 to 9 and the number is not fixed, it can also be 6, 9 or more numbers.

This code is mostly used in mobile phones. If their development is seen, then apart from mobile, they are also used in the banking sector. But this Banking ussd code is done for the public for basic information like money transfer, balance check, etc.

If you are already connected with your telecom company, then you should know that your telecom provider provides USSD code for the customer, it is not the same telecom company but all the company USSD codes are being provided.

USSD code in your mobile to check through data balance, call balance, call activity check, SMS, to add and stop new service, apart from this there are other secret codes which can see your mobile’s info, IMEI number etc.

working and use of ussd codes

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is mostly used by prepaid phones. When you buy a prepaid device, you can send a message to the code number to check your balance. The phone provider can use the same connection to provide the rest of the real-time updates.

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If you do not know the USSD code of your provider, then you can get the USSD code by Google search, or you can ask from the mobile shop and there is no need to ask, there is a USSD code on the wall of the mobile shop. The SD code is pasted on a sticker.

When you dial any USSD code in your mobile then a menu appears. You can use that menu to do just about anything.

From adding more time to your prepaid phone to asking for information and even paying for services. It would present menu according to its code and in many codes an Info, Balance, Service active etc. would be present just by dial.

When a user dials the code, the user’s details along with the dialed USSD code are sent to a preconfigured back-end software application (API).

For example, most banks in India have a USSD code that their customers can use to check their account balance and do many other banking transactions.

The code to check account balance in my bank (have account in Bank of Baroda) where I am a customer and a staff software engineer is *99*64#.

When the user dials the code on their phone, the MNO system sends an HTTP request that communicates the user’s phone number and mobile network to the bank’s back-end API through a secure network connection between the MNO (Mobile Network Operator) and the bank. Sends.

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The logic in the next process bank’s API looks up this customer against their CRM system using the phone number in the HTTP request.

If a match is found, the back-end API does another lookup against the banking application to get the balance available on the customer’s default account. After this banking is sent to you by writing a message that there is so much money in your account.

So there is such a process that we provide information through a Secret ussd code in a few seconds and I hope you have understood what the USSD code is, how it works and how it is used. , have easily understood about this.

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