Vue Js Get Current Date Time Example

Today, We want to share with you vue js get current date time Example.
In this post we will show you vue js current date, hear for vue js date format get Current Timestemps we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about vue js date now with an example.

vue js get current date time Example

simple JavaScript used To Vue.Js Get Current Date time I can use pure JavaScript simple Date function to timestemps Like as get current date and time using Vue.js. Here in this simple Post I am gonna to step by step simple how to get current datetime using Vue.Js in pure JavaScript simple Date Function.

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vue js get current date time
vue js get current date time

Vue.Js Get Current Date time Example

We can fetch the simple latest current timestemps like date time using pure JavaScript date and time Function simply as below source code for vue.js get current date


vue.js get current date example

document.getElementById(“vuejs_date_time”).innerHTML = Date();


Get Current Date in YYYY-MM-DD Format

We can fetch this date and time format in YYYY-MM-DD format simply as below vuejs source code For Example vue.js get current date and Time

Vue.Js Get Current Date time Example:

var cur_date_vue = new Date();
var month = (‘0’ + (cur_date_vue.getMonth() + 1)).slice(-2);
var date = (‘0’ + cur_date_vue.getDate()).slice(-2);
var year = cur_date_vue.getFullYear();
var date_formated_vue = year + ‘/’ + month + ‘/’ + date;
document.getElementById(“vuejs_date_time”).innerHTML = date_formated_vue;

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If We run this vuejs programs the above example it will return output current datetime like this-


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