Vuejs – Converting a String to Object – Vuejs string to object Parsing JSON

Vuejs – Converting a String to Object – Vuejs string to object Parsing JSON

Vuejs – Converting a String to Object – Vuejs string to object Parsing JSON

Vuejs object to json

We pass an simple object as the second data parameter to using this method. It has properties of template, props, data, and methods or function and Present a form to enter a simple haystack and keyword(s) to search

How to convert a json string to an object


<div id="demo">
  <h1>Latest Vue.js products</h1>
    <label>{{ level }}</label>
  <p>vuejs/[email protected]{{ newcpost }}</p>
      <a target="_blank" class="commit">{{ datarec.sha.slice(0, 7) }}</a>
      - <span class="message">{{ datarec.commit.message | truncate }}</span><br>
      by <span class="author"><a target="_blank">{{ }}</a></span>
      at <span class="date">{{ | formatDate }}</span>


var newurl = ''
var demo = new Vue({

  el: '#demo',

  data: {
    datanms: ['dsp', 'w3free'],
    newcpost: 'dsp',
    products: null

  created: function () {

  watch: {
    newcpost: 'getsdata'

  filters: {
    truncate: function (v) {
      var myline = v.indexOf('\n')
      return myline > 0 ? v.slice(0, myline) : v
    formatDate: function (v) {
      return v.replace(/T|Z/g, ' ')

  methods: {
    getsdata: function () {
      var client = new XMLHttpRequest()
      var oldself = this'GET', newurl + oldself.newcpost)
      client.onload = function () {
        oldself.products = JSON.parse(client.responseText)

JSON.springify, JSON.parse, eval and maninulating the string


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Vue.js object to json


var stringvalu= `{ 
    "id": "0",  
    "program_id": "Vuejs",   
    "program_name": "Vuejs II" ,
    "program_description" : "Vuejs II WORK",

Empty data string is converted to object

this.currentItem = JSON.parse(stringvalu);

convert string to Dom in vuejs


<div id="log">

Vue.component(...  , {
    template: ...  ,
    data: function () {
           return ...     
    computed: {           
            // return directly html
            var str="<div><p>Welcome -javascript</p></div>";
            return str;
this.list.forEach(function (obj) {
  obj.editMode = false;