Vuejs Introduction Architecture Advantages – VueJs Examples

Vuejs Introduction Architecture Advantages – VueJs Examples

Vuejs Introduction Architecture Advantages – VueJs Examples

Vuejs Introduction Architecture Advantages – VueJs Examples

In this Post, you will learn- Simple
-What is Vuejs
-Vuejs Architecture
-Vuejs Advantages
Vuejs Introduction Architecture Advantages – VueJs Examples

Simple Vuejs level knowlExample of HTML all the tag, CSS, and level JavaScript.

What is Vuejs

-open-source simple progressive (js) JavaScript framework
-use other new all the JavaScript libraries is made easy
-Vue is a simple capable web application (SPA) framework
-power advanced very easy to single-page applications.
-Vue.js is a very popular new JavaScript front-end framework
-vuejs was built to simple organize and simplify web development.
-vuejs simple and easy javascript framework.

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-Vue is also simple perfectly capable of new powering data sophisticated (SPA) Single-Page web-Applications when used in all the HTML,CSS and Js combination with simple modern tooling data and supporting other libraries.
“The Progressive JavaScript Framework Means Vuejs”

Vuejs Architecture

vuejs web-app architecture for simple dynamic template with all the dynamic data and dynamic custom component type”Vuejs Architecture – Centralized State Management for Vue.js.

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There are the following list of the Architecture for VueJs
-Backend API
-Vue Components

*) Vuejs Module Format:
*) Vuejs Dependency management / loading:
*) Vuejs Component HTML: Example
*) Vuejs Component CSS: Example
*) Vuejs Component JavaScript:
*) Vuejs Binding Style: Example two way binding using observable pattern
*) Vuejs Routing: Example
*) Vuejs Browser support: Example
*) Vuejs Runs Server Side as well as Client-side: Example

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Vuejs Advantages – Features


Supporting libraries

There are the following the list of the libraries


Vue.component('liveclicked', {
  props: ["live_count"],
  data: function() {var q = {"count": 0}; return q;} ,
  template: '<button v-on:click="onclick">Clicked 0 times</button>'
  methods: {
    "onclick": function() {
        this.count = this.count + 1;
  mounted: function() {
    this.count = this.live_count;