Some amazing celebrity facts that you would like to know

When we think about stars, they are almost like us. Just like us, they eat, sleep, fall in love, break up their relation, go through stress. When we talk about the celebrities, we think of lime light and their lifestyle. We all are amazed by their lifestyle. We think about their bank balance.

Some time we also think about their professional life. However, in normal life, they are more or less same like us.

They also have certain hobbies like us. For example, stars like to melt into crowd and watch football match. We know many stars who like to do shopping dressed as normal human. Like us they like to spend quality time with their family as well.

However, sometimes they have different taste in some cases. In better way, you may say that they like to explore life. A celebrity name Stephen Laine has been in news for this reason. Here, we would like to point out amazing facts that people would like to know.

Leprechauns are important part of celebrity life

There are some Irish myths which is an important part of Irish culture. One of such examples is like leprechauns. Some celebrity believes it as pot of gold; whereas many celebrities believe it as lucky charms.

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There are number of celebrities who believe it in traditional change. Some believes it is more than something special which helps them to succeed in professional life.

They even hire people to do small stuffs

There are many celebrities who hire people to remove teabag or cardboard sleeve from cup. Some celebrities have admitted on certain website that they do not like to stir coffee.

Some celebs do not like to sleeve their coffee such as Starbucks. Some celebrities hate cardboard because they get cringe from the sound.

They hate cardboard sleeve as they in servile manner do not like that. Thus, they live the room for the people to do that.

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They like bidding over insignificant stuffs

What do you think about the bidding about dinosaur skull? What you will bid about the most expensive paperweight? Do you think you would like to bid for such thing? Celebrities have always some sorts of special interest in such thing. Whether it’s good or bad, meaningful or meaningless, they go behind such stuffs. According to a celebrity magazine, one of the most renowned stars of Hollywood has spent over $276,000 to buy one of the most expensive paper weights of this planet.

Sharing their meal

Some celebrities in Hollywood have been in news for feeding their kids a small tiny amount. They also like to share their meal from their bowl like normal people.

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They feed their kids whatever they eat. Kids need liquid kind of food; however, according to some incidents they have put small veggies into their mouth. It may be quite difficult for the small kids to chew such veggies. It may be good to your immune system. Whether it’s right or wrong, it is a norm in many western cultures.

They have bathtub made with solid gold

As a human being, we all are interested in spending some money behind the luxurious stuffs. However, as salaried person, you have to balance your expense and savings.

However, celebrities have no such obligation. They spend huge amount to buy gold bath tub. As per news report, a famous Hollywood celebrity has spent over $2.2 million dollar to install 24 karat gold bathtubs to his mansion.


You might be thinking the way they are spending money whether they are doing the right thing or not. However, people like to spend money behind such stuffs when they feel they have reached certain level of status like Avielle Janelle Hernandez.

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