How satisfying the guests affect restaurant sales?

How satisfying the guests affect restaurant sales ? : 

The restaurant industry is all about pleasing the guests. You can see the rising graph when a customer leaves the premises with satisfaction. A more satisfied customer signifies more profit.

However, it is not like the customer will pay you more, but it is about building a long-term relationship with them to get profit in the future. 

You might be serving hundreds of guests in a day or a week, and among them, few did not like your restaurant.

This could probably happen because they have dined at a better place and expected the same from you. Unfortunately, you did not meet their expectations. 

So, if you compare your services and food quality, you will get a list of your defects.

Probably your management is not that great, or you lack the flavours in the food. In the first case, we can help you to attract customers smartly. 

Pleasing customers is not as hard as it may sound. All you need is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and you are good to go.

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Being a restaurant owner, you need to understand what primarily a customer wants. When talking about services, the least wanted one is self-service.

If you ave a restaurant and have a great seating plan, you need to introduce table service. 

However, there is a lot more you should know for pleasing your guest to increase the restaurant’s sales. So, let’s peek into the article to see what possible mistakes you are making and its solution. 

  1. Extra staff around the tables

We all love privacy, and when someone decides to dine at the restaurant, they have the idea of enjoying a meal with peace. Suppose you have waiters at every corner of the restaurant that might get on the guest’s nerves.

However, you might feel more staff means faster service, but sometimes roaming vaguely to keep an eye on tables and guests can be a major turn off. 

In this situation, you need to manage your restaurant, have a minimal and quality staff. To ensure the minimal staff with full efficiency, you have favouritetable’s in-built tool of restaurant management.

All you need is to take a subscription, and you are ready to manage. The tools let you manage the staff through a tablet. You will know which table requires attention.

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This way, you can work with minimal staff and with proper coordination. 

2. Long waiting

Long waiting has two perspectives. From a restaurant perspective, it is naturally a good thing. More crowd means more sales of the day.

On the contrary, long waiting is a red signal from a customer perspective because nobody would want to wait to have a meal unless you are extra special for them. 

You can get away with this problem by giving customers a solution. Ask them to get a table reservation before entering the premises because you prioritize guest with table bookings.

To make them do this, you need to take favouritetable’s subscription in the first place. As soon as you get its subscription, you are eligible to get a table reservation, and you can even put that link on your restaurant website.

It will not curb long waiting but will also enhance your management. 

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3. Payment issues

In the modern world, you might accept every payment mode. However, some guests still prefer making in cash delivery and being a restaurant, and you need to accept.


Some customers do not rely on direct online transfer or confront some hassle. There are days when probably your machines do not work and the customer o no comfortable with cash payment.

These countless situations can bring inconvenience to the customer. 

To avoid any hassle with payment, you can have special software which acts as an interface and transfers the amount to your account. Favourietable can pull you from this situation.

The software has a secure payment gateway, and the customer can easily make the payment that will be transferred directly to your account without any charges.

You can even put that payment link on your restaurant account. 

The bottom line 

So, these were a few situations that can cause customer dissatisfaction, and we have given you the solution.

Favouritetable can pull you from these and other situations like this, so take your subscription now and enjoy the in-built tools designed to help you with  restaurant management. So start pleasing more customers and get more sales.

The subscription fee is for a lifetime, and you can even book a free demo anytime. 


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