Amazon Rainforest – Mysterious fact – Earth lungs | Best 10 Facts about the Amazon Rainforest in 2023

Amazon Rainforest – Plants , Animal, Climate, etc…

Amazon Forest- mystery- facts etc
Amazon Forest- mystery- facts

Who discovered the Amazon Rainforest?

The first person to discover the Amazon Rainforest was Francisco de Orellana, who was a well-regarded Spanish explorer, thanks to which we know the Amazon Rainforest today.

Protected areas and indigenous territories in the Amazon
Protected areas and indigenous territories in the Amazon.

Where is the Amazon Forest?

Amazon Forest Kahan Hai Very few people knew this until Francisco de Orellana discovered the Amazon forest. Amazon jungle is also known as rain forest, and also known as Amazon jungle, one of its names is brandleaf rainforest,

This forest is associated with No nation, most part is within Brazil, the names of eight other countries include Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Ecuador.

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The Amazon jungle covers much of South America.

In which country is the Amazon jungle located?

The Amazon forest surrounds much of South America.

Amazon forest surrounds many parts of Brazil, apart from this it is also surrounded by 8 other countries, this forest is connected to no nation, most of the part is within Brazil, the names of eight other countries are Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana. There are many interesting things about the Amazon River, including Suriname, French Guiana, Ecuador.

There are many secrets of the Amazon forest, which not everyone is aware of. There is also a river in the Amazon forest, which is the largest river in the world.

The Amazon rain forest is the largest forest in the world, the Amazon forest is also called the lungs of the earth.

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What are some interesting facts about the Amazon forest?

The information about the Amazon river and the Amazon forest is very interesting, many of its secrets are such that not all people know, there is also a river in the Amazon forest which is the largest river in the world, this river Amazon spread in 8 countries of South America. Is.

The Amazon rain forest is the largest forest in the world, the Amazon forest is also called the lungs of the earth.

Knowing about the Amazon forest, it would be surprising that there are more than 1100 tributaries of the Amazon River, out of which the length of 15 rivers is more than 1500 km.

The length of the Amazon river is considered to be 7000, due to the rainy season, its length increases even more.

Brazil’s largest city, Mons, is situated on the banks of the Amazon River.

Knowing about the Amazon river in the Amazon jungle, you will be surprised that more than 3000 species of fish are found in the Amazon river. And at the same time, you will also be surprised to know about the Amazon jungle that the biggest snake is found in this forest because whatever this animal eats, it swallows it whole.

The Amazon River, found in the Amazon jungle, is used for traffic for a long time. Traders used to bring goods from one country to another through the river.

What is interesting information about the fauna in the Amazon forest?

3000 different fish species are found in the Amazon river and new discoveries are being made continuously. The world’s largest snake is found in this river, it is named Ankoda, it swallows even big animals, goats, humans, this snake is the most poisonous snake in the world, it crawls very fast and it is 7 hours per minute. The mouth of this snake is very big, it moves at a speed, it swallows the animal or human alive.

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History Of Amazon Forest

There are many such facts about the Amazon forest that are related to the history of the Amazon forest and some of these are.

Many times there are reports of people missing in the Amazon forest and there are many such animals that eat them.

In the Amazon forest, information is also available about such creatures which are not seen anywhere else in the world, such creatures were found only and only in the Amazon forest and now they have become just history.

What are the animals in the Amazon Forest?

Animals in Amazon forest
Animals in Amazon forest

There is a large collection of species of plants and animals in the Amazon forest, 2000 birds and mammals are found, till date thousands of trees, 2200 fish, 427 mammals, amphibians are found in this part. Bats, dart medak, black caiman etc. are found.

Hotjin is also found in this forest. Mylalomorphy is also found in this, Hollerbandar, Heliconia are also found in this forest, Emperor tamarind, Blue poison dart Medak is also found, Ganjaukri, Bullet ant are also found in this forest.

Medak is also found in blue and red colors in the Amazon forest.

Black Leopard is also found in Amazon Forest.

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What is the secret of the Amazon Rainforest ?

If most animals are found anywhere in the world, then it is the Amazon Rainforest and many secrets are hidden in the Amazon forest and some of which are still doubtful for the world as well as many scientific discoveries are behind these mysteries. are.

Even today, many such discoveries are going on in the Amazon Rainforest which are doubtful, new creatures are being discovered here every year.

Why is the Amazon Rainforest called the Raining Forest?

Amazon Rainforest is called Raining Forest because many forests are found in this part and it is natural that in the part where trees are more, there is a lot of rain, it is believed that forests attract rain to themselves. It is said that forests are responsible for rain.

Information about fire or fire in the Amazon Rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest of America is called the liver of the world because the earth gets 20 to 25 percent of the air from these forests, but the fire in these forests was on fire for a long time,

there was a terrible fire in the month of January, due to which it About 25 to 28 percent of the forest was burnt and at the same time the animals living there had also died in a very large number, due to which there is a lot of impact on the life of the animals.

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