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Marilyn Monroe(American actress) Biography, Death, Movies & Facts in 2023 – Biography of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was an actress of her time who is known to the world as the “blond bombshell” of the early period of film history. His life journey was short but the name grew so much that whenever there is talk of film heroines, their name comes on its own. Who is not convinced of her beauty and blonde avatar? Let’s talk today about his life and film journey.

Marilyn Monroe Biography Childhood, Life History, Timeline

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926. Marilyn Monroe is not her real name.

  • Her real name is Norma Jean Baker. The name Marilyn Monroe was given to her by Twentieth Century-Fox.
  • His mother Gladys Mortensen was a film technician.
  • Her father Edward Mortensen left the family only after its birth. It is also believed that Marilyn’s real father was another studio employee, C Stanley Gifford.

Her mother Gladys’ mental illness took hold as soon as she was born, and Marilyn spent most of her childhood without her mother as her mother remained in the hospital. Marilyn grew up in 12 foster homes and an orphanage. He did his high schooling from Van Nuys High School, Los Angeles, California.

At 16, Marilyn married James Dorty, 20, and moved out of the foster home system. A year after the wedding, in 1943, Marylin’s husband joined the US Merchant Marine, and Marylin built the “Airline Plant” factory built for World War 2. There Marilyn worked first as a parachute inspector and then as a paint sprayer.

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On behalf of the government, promotional photography of women working in the plant was being done. From the same photography, Marilyn, with blonde, dark-brown hair, learned that her photographs were good. Then she did a modeling course and started working as a part-time photographer’s model.

Her success as a photographer’s model paved the way for Marilyn to dream of becoming an actress. In 1946, she divorced her husband Dorty and got her hair bleached to look blonde.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

He signed a one-year contract with Twentieth Century-Fox on August 26, 1946 for $125 per month. At the same time, the casting director, Ben Lyon, suggested the name Marilyn. As we mentioned earlier, Marilyn’s real name was Norma Jean Baker. Norma Jean added her grandmother’s last name “Monroe” to Marilyn and became Marilyn Monroe.

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Do you think Marilyn Monroe is a good actress?

Marilyn didn’t get to do anything special that year. The next year he signed a one-year contract with the Columbia Company. The result remained the same there as well.

In 1950, Marilyn posed for a full-length nude photoshoot. Which photographer Tom Kelly sold a calendar. In the same year, he got a small role in the film “The Asphalt Jungle”. His name was not even mentioned in the credits. But his fan following has become. The image of her “blonde bombshell” started being created from there.

Twentieth Century-Fox re-signed Marilyn Monroe to a new contract, this time for 7 years. She appeared in the movie “All About Eve”. For the first time in 1953, he got a star role in the film “Niagara”. She sang in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and got her own dressing room for the first time.

In January 1954, Marilyn Monroe married the famous baseball player “Joe DiMaggio”. This marriage also did not work out. After a few months, it broke up in October.

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Seven Year Itch

Marilyn became involved in photography for the 1955 film “The Seven Year Itch”, which became a well-known photographic stunt. In this photography, she appeared in a white halter dress, with her skirt swaying in the air by a draft from a side net, and Marilyn leaned down to hold her dress so that her cleavage was visible. This photograph was used for film promotion and became one of the iconic images of Marilyn Monroe.

After the shooting of “The Seven Year Itch” was over, Marilyn Monroe decided to work on her acting skills. Because in this film also her role was a “Dumb Blonde” i.e. beautiful but low intelligence and Marilyn wanted to answer the critics.

She broke her 7-year contract and went to “Actors Studio” “New York” to study acting. Stayed there for a year.

Success…..and Problems

In 1955, Marilyn founded her own company “Marilyn Monroe Productions” with Milton Green and signed a new contract with Twentieth Century-Fox. She made a movie called “Bus Stop” in 1956 and was able to garner tremendous positive response from critics. But she lost her self-control and became a victim of self-doubt, depression, drugs and alcohol.

Marilyn Monroe’s mother and her maternal grandparents were also victims of mental illness and all were admitted to mental institutions. Marilyn now struggled with insomnia and started taking sleeping pills. She regularly met the psychiatrist. Had started drinking too much alcohol and started arriving late for work and sometimes could not even work.

Marriage to Arthur Miller

Shortly after the release of “Bus Stop,” Marilyn married playwright Arthur Miller. For this marriage, she also adopted the Jews religion. Spent 2 years peacefully with this new husband. A lot happened during this time. Her husband was busy. Marilyn became the victim of several miscarriages. All these things raised her doubts about herself, she started losing self-confidence, became a victim of depression and resorted to drugs and alcohol.

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Marilyn’s next film “The Prince and the Showgirl” got mixed reviews. Then came “Let’s Make Love” and an affair with her costar “Montand”.

The next film “The Misfits” was written by her husband Arthur Miller. His work in this film was very good. But during its shooting, she was mostly intoxicated with alcohol or pills. Coming late had become a daily affair for him. Marilyn was deeply affected and hurt by the death of costar Clark Gable two months after the film was made.

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller divorced in early 1961. During this, the news of rumors of his affairs also kept him very upset. The news of the affairs of President “John F. Kennedy,” and his brother “Robert F. Kennedy” kept the rumor market hot.

last month

Marilyn’s next project was “Something’s Got to Give”. Her late arrival on the sets and bad habits caused her to be dismissed from the film. He was also admitted to the Mental Hospital for some time. She also got approval to return to films, but she never came to work again.

Two months later he was found dead by the housekeeper in his “Los Angeles” home. There was a bottle of sleeping pills lying empty. According to the coroner (investigator) overdose of pills was the cause of death and this death was probably a case of suicide. There was no evidence of any conspiracy.

Marilyn Monroe’s funeral was planned by her second husband, “Joe DiMaggio”. And in this way, at the age of just 36, this shining star was set.

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