Angular 6 Interview Questions and Answers

Angular 6 Interview Questions and Answers

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Angular 6 Interview Questions and Answers

Today, We want to share with you Angular 6 Interview Questions and Answers.
In this post we will show you Angular 6 interview questions and answers pdf, hear for 10 Frequently Asked Angular 6 Interview Questions and Answers we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Interview Questions and Answers on Angular 6 with an example.

Top 8 Best Angular 6 Interview Questions

Angular 6 Example

Angular 6 Latest My Previous Post With Source code Read more…..

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  2. Angular 6 CLI Installation
  3. Angular 6 Module File
  4. Angular 6 Components
  5. Angular 6 Services
  6. Angular 6 Routing
  7. Angular 6 CSS
  8. Angular 6 Class Binding
  9. Angular 6 Animation
  10. Angular 6 Templating
  11. Angular 6 HTTP Client

What Types Of Ngmodules?

There are four List of The Angular 6 NgModules –

  1. Widget Module
  2. Shared Module
  3. Service Module
  4. Routing Module
  5. Features Module

What Is A Cookie in Angular 6?

A simple meanning of the cookie is a different small some piece of data and it;s sent from a our website and all the Information client side stored on the clientss or visitor’s machine by the peron’s web browsers(Mozila, chrome, safari, etc.) while the visitors is browsing.

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Why You Use Browsermodule?

angular 6 BrowserModule need The simple browser module (MVC based) is imported from main part @angular/platform-browser as well as This is used when We want to execute your latest version angular 6 application in a automatically browser.

What Are The Ngmodule Metadata Properties?

An angular 6 NgModule moule decorator some identifies main AppModule as a bind the NgModule class.and The NgModule takes a seo related metadata or some fetch object that says Angular 6 how to bind data with compile and new futures launch the web application.An angular 6 NgModule bind the importance metadata some properties are such as

    1. bootstrap
    2. declarations
    3. entryComponents
    4. exports
    5. id
    6. imports
    7. providers
    8. schemas
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What Are Components In Angular 6?

An Angular 6 Components are the most basic data building section of a design UI in Angular web applications as well as This components controls HTML display views (HTML/CSS). angular Components also communicate both side other components views and use the services to bring best more functionality to your web applications fastly.

What Is Impure Pipe in Angular 6?

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Pipe simple meanning of An Angular runs an impure some data filtering pipe during every more multiple component change the effectively detection cycle.and used to keystroke or mouse-move

  name: 'currency',

A pipe may all the data fetch any simple number of value to pass optional parameters to bind data and return output.In the following example such as

<h2>The merragedate is - {{ merragedate | date:"MM/dd/yy" }} </h2>
<!-- Output - The merragedate is - 06/12/2019 -->

Why You Use RouterModule?

in angular 6,The router nevigation module is top imported from some called as @angular/router as well as is used for some components forRoot, routing RouterLink, and forChild.

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