Top 10 AngularJS interview questions and answers

Top 10 AngularJS interview questions and answers

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There are some list of AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is the Model View Controller (MVC)?

MVC is a common simple design pattern used in web developing all the software that consists level of three parts:
-> First of all the model in angularjs, view, and controller.
-> second one is The model in angularjs is the lowest level of the simple pattern and is responsible for all the maintaining data.
-> third one is the The view in angularjs is the part of the simple web application that is presented to the user.
-> The controller in angularjs is the code that governs all simple interactions between the model data and the HTML view.

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2.What is AngularJS and what are some of its advantages?

This question might seem custom at first glance level, but what we are really doing is simple giving the web developer a chance to all the show we what they know about simple your chosen js framework. AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript-based development framework
designed to create dynamic single-page applications with fewer lines of code.
Like as a Data binding and two way data binding is as easy as writing in simple your code.
It’s best and great for providing a simple “desktop-like” experience more to the end user.
It supported DOM manipulation new create from app logic web logic, creating code modular and view part easy to test.

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3.What is the difference between AngularJS and jQuery?

jQuery and AngularJS have some just common features Like as a Unit test simple runner, types of animation support, Like as a AJAX/JSONP but they also have below some differences.
1.AngularJS came with http request RESTful API but we don’t and method have that in jQuery.
2.AngularJS supports the oop MVC pattern but jQuery doesn’t supported.
3.AngularJS has the one or more feature called and also support Two Way Data Binding but we don’t any have that in jQuery support.

4.Howmany list of AngularJS event listener directives?

We can attach an all the event listener to an DOM HTML element using one of there are the following AngularJS event listener directives.
using Angularjs, ng-click
using Angularjs, ng-dbl-click
using Angularjs, ng-mousedown
using Angularjs, ng-mouseup
using Angularjs, ng-mouseenter
using Angularjs, ng-mouseleave
using Angularjs, ng-mousemove
using Angularjs, ng-mouseover
using Angularjs, ng-keydown
using Angularjs, ng-keyup
using Angularjs, ng-keypress
using Angularjs, ng-change

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5.Explain the role of $routeProvider in AngularJS?

The $routeProvider custom is used to configure or setting level roots within an AngularJS web-application. It can be handle to link a routing url with a all the template corresponding HTML DOM page or template and componets, and a controller (if some applicable).

6.Explain what are the key features of AngularJS ?

There are the Following the list of key features of AngularJS
– Scope,
– Controller,
– Model,
– Data Binding,
– Directives,
– Filters,
– Testable
– View and
– Services

7.what are the styling form element that ngModel adds class to CSS classes ?

There are the ngModel adds class these CSS classes to allow all the styling of form html as well as control Like as a..
ng- valid
ng- invalid
using Form validation..

8.Who created Angular JS ?

Intially Based it was developed by Mr ” Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons”.
Currently simple it is being developed by Search using Google.

9.what is $scope in Angularjs?

The “$scope” varibles is an object all the instance of a controller using well as “$scope” object simple instance get’s all the new created when data of “ng-controller” directive is HTML dom get encountered.

10.How is the data binding in Angular ?

AngularJS supported two way data binding. So whenever we create changes in one any input formentity the other entity also some gets updated.


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