Angular convert Round to 2 decimals places

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Angular convert Round to 2 decimals places

Today, We want to share with you Angular convert Round to 2 decimals places.
In this post we will show you AngularJs Round to 2 decimal places Example | convert decimals, hear for angular round to 2 decimal places we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Formatting numbers for decimals and significant digits in angular with an example.

Welcome to the In website! You will Step By Step learn web programming, easy and very fun. This website allmost provides you with a complete web programming tutorial presented in an easy-to-follow manner. Each web programming tutorial has all the practical examples with web programming script and screenshots available.AngularJs Round to 2 decimal places Example

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If the fractional decimal value portion of number is .5 value or greater value,
all the argument value is rounded data to the next value of higher integer.
and then If the fractional value portion of all number is less than .5 (Like .1,.2,etc..),
all the argument data is rounded value to the next lower value of integer.

Example 1: Formatting numbers for decimals Round to 2 digits in AngularJs

<title>Simple demo with Example of Round 2 digit places example</title>
var infinityknowApp = angular.module("infinityknowApp", []);
 infinityknowApp.controller("infinityknowCtrl", function($scope) {
 $scope.newnumberval = 98256.062458;
 $scope.dataresultval = '';
 $scope.newroundnumberexample = function(){
  $scope.dataresultval = $scope.newnumberval.toFixed(2);

<button type="button">press button to convert numbers</button>
<p>Display Result of numbers= {{dataresultval}}</p>
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Example 2: Round 2 decimal places in JavaScript

// varible set value
var valunumber = 524.2689;
Math.round(valunumber * 100) / 100;


Math.ceil(valunumber * 100)/100;


var valstr = 875.234.toFixed(2); //result of returns => '875.23'


var valunumber = 524.2689;
var valnumber = Number(valunumber); //result of returns => 524.26

Example 3: Example of Number.toFixed()

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var valuesalarypay=98256.8237;
valuesalarypay.toFixed(3); //returns result of 98256.824 (round up)
valuesalarypay.toFixed(2); //returns result of  98256.82
valuesalarypay.toFixed(7); //returns result of  98256.8237000 (padding)

Example 4 : Example of Number.toPrecision()

var numrval=895.45;
numrval.toPrecision(6); //returns result of  895.450 (padding)
numrval.toPrecision(4); //returns result of  895.5 (round up)
numrval.toPrecision(2); //returns result of  8.9e+2 (you figure it out!)

Example 5: Example of 2 or more digit value Round decimal places

var numbersval = new Number(41.12);
console.log(numbersval.toPrecision(2));//console returns outputs 41
console.log(numbersval.toPrecision(3));//console returns outputs 41.1
console.log(numbersval.toPrecision(4));//console returns outputs 41.12
console.log(numbersval.toPrecision(5));//console returns outputs 41.120

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