Angularjs Http Introduction-Angular Http post and Get Method Example

Angularjs Http Introduction-Angular Http post and Get Method Example

Syntax : Angularjs Http Introduction

There are two Following Method available in AAngularjs Introduction
1-Angularjs Http Get Method
2-Angularjs Http POST Method

The AngularJS Request to $http service makes a request to the server Example PHP Server, and returns a Dynemically response.

Angular $http Method List

There are The Following List Of Method Using Angular $http
1.delete() using AngularJS AJAX – $http
2.get() using AngularJS AJAX – $http
3.head() using AngularJS AJAX – $http
4.jsonp() using AngularJS AJAX – $http
5.patch() using AngularJS AJAX – $http using AngularJS AJAX – $http
7.put() using AngularJS AJAX – $http

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Example using Angular Http post and Get Method
$‘’, data).then(Callback);

Properties using Angular

There are The Following List Of Properties Using Angular $http Request And Response

1.config : generate the request in angularjs. : response from the server in angularjs.
3.headers : get header information in angularjs.
4.status : HTTP status in angularjs.

Let us call getClient.php from server side PHP File with the following List of JSON data

{“Client”:[{“id”:”1″,”lname”:”John”,”useremail”:”[email protected]”,”phone”:”98256458752″},{“id”:”2″,”lname”:”Kelly”,”useremail”:”[email protected]”,”phone”:”98256458725″},{“id”:”3″,”lname”:”Ryan”,”useremail”:”[email protected]”,”phone”:”99898989898″},{“id”:”4″,”lname”:”Kojo”,”useremail”:”[email protected]”,”phone”:”9856752895″},{“id”:”5″,”lname”:”Kinjal”,”useremail”:”[email protected]”,”phone”:”9856986745″},{“id”:”6″,”lname”:”Tani”,”useremail”:”[email protected]”,”phone”:”121334444″},{“id”:”7″,”lname”:”Brak”,”useremail”:”[email protected]”,”phone”:”985697852″},{“id”:”8″,”lname”:”Uman”,”useremail”:”[email protected]”,”phone”:”98899898″}]}

Angularjs Http Intro : Example


Angularjs Http Introduction-Angular Http post and Get Method Example

Id lname useremail Phone
{{}} {{data.lname}} {{data.useremail}} {{}}

var app = angular.module(‘liveApp’, []);
app.controller(‘liveCtrl’, function($scope, $http) {
.success(function(response) {$scope.liveResult = response.Client;});

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Angularjs Http Get Method Example

var liveApp = angular.module(“liveApp”, []);
liveApp.controller(“mycontroller”, [‘$scope’,’$http’, function($scope, $http)
$http.get(‘js/data.json’).success (function(data){
$scope.jsondata = data;

Angularjs Http POST Method Example

Following is the example display of using angularjs Simple $ service in web-application.

var liveApp = angular.module(‘liveApp’, []);
liveApp.controller(‘liveCtrl’, function ($scope, $http) {
$scope.username = null;
$scope.age = null;
$scope.contactus = null;
$scope.lblMsg = null;
$scope.postdata = function (username, age, contactus) {
var data = {
username: username,
age: age,
contactus: contactus

$‘http://infinityknow.comgetClient.php’, JSON.stringify(data)).then(function (dataresult) {
if (
$scope.message = “Post simple Data Submitted Successfully!”;
}, function (dataresult) {
$scope.message = “here error Service not Exists”;
$scope.statusval = dataresult.status;
$scope.statustext = dataresult.statusText;
$scope.hddata = dataresult.headers();

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