Angularjs json stringify – angularjs parse json – angular to Json

Angularjs json stringify – angularjs parse json – angular to Json

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Angularjs json stringify – angularjs parse json – angular to Json

JSON.parse using Angularjs

$http.get('api/index.php/get_live_appdata').success (function(data){
	if ($window.sessionStorage.getItem("live_data") === null) {
		$scope.live_data = JSON.parse($window.sessionStorage.getItem("live_data"));
	    $scope.sumtp = parseFloat($window.sessionStorage.getItem("sumtpdata"));				

JSON.stringify using Angularjs

	$http.get('api/index.php/get_result_age_data/'+$routeParams.live_id).success (function(data){
		if ($window.sessionStorage.getItem("result_age_data") === null) {
			var parameter = JSON.stringify({ander: data});
			$'api/index.php/log',parameter).success (function(data){}); 
			$scope.result_age_data = JSON.parse($window.sessionStorage.getItem("result_age_data"));
			 $scope.sumtill = parseFloat($window.sessionStorage.getItem("sumtill"));
			 $scope.sumageon = parseFloat($window.sessionStorage.getItem("sumageon"));
			 $scope.sumspark = parseFloat($window.sessionStorage.getItem("sumspark"));

angular.toJson using Angularjs


router provider

Routing with get Query string

  function($routeProvider) {
      when('/', {
        title: 'Web Tutorials',
        templateUrl: 'mypage.html',
        controller: 'myCtrl'
	   .when('/home/:live_id', {
        title: '',
        templateUrl: 'liveage.html',
        controller: 'liveCtrl'
        redirectTo: '/'

Example Of angular.toJson using Angularjs

Simple Serializes input Elements into a JSON-formatted convert string. and more Properties with leading like as a special char $$ sign to characters will be stripped since using AngularJS uses this simple notation internally.

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HTML part

In Controller
 $scope.showJson = function() {
    $scope.json = angular.toJson($scope.user);

{{user | json}}

angular.isObject using angularjs

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if a reference type is an Object type. Unlike typeof check in JavaScript, nulls value are not considered to be any objects. Note that JavaScript any arrays are init objects.

$scope.json = angular.isObject($scope.schools);

angular.isArray using angularjs

if a reference type is an any Array. simple Alias of new Array.isArray.

$scope.json = angular.isArray($scope.schools);



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