A Detailed Guide on Bathtub Refinishing: How to Take Care of Refinished Bathtub?

Q: What is it?

This bathtub refinishing Austin option goes by many names like recoating, reglazing, renovation, or resurfacing but has a much frank procedure. A professional start by sanding down the tub’s exterior fills in cracks and damaged areas, then smears more than a few coats of paint and primer earlier than doing a final polishing. It’s generally an impermanent fix meanwhile bathtub reglazing is a decently beautifying update. Contemplate it like you’re putting nail polish on your nails. It’s pleasant for a while, but then as you endure your everyday routine, you’re heading for the need to get it touched up another time.

Q: Will it work for your tub?

If your current bathtub is previously in fairly upright shape but is enclosed in slight cuts, stains, or additional surface limitations, reglazing is an upright choice. It’s similarly idyllic for sure types of bathtubs. For proprietors with old-fashioned claw-foot tubs finished from weighty cast iron, it’s categorically the way to go. Acrylic bathtubs can similarly be refinished, given that they don’t have any important problems.


  • Bathtub refinishing Austin is rapid, typically taking only a day to complete.
  • Refinishing is the most reasonable bathtub renovation selection accessible and can charge you between $200-$650 on average.
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  • Refinishing can only be executed once. If you get an unfortunate job that’s previously peeling, then you will have to continue to add options anyhow.
  • The materials professionals utilize to reglaze a tub can be slightly hazardous. The stuff utilized to engrave and varnish is much lethal and the customer would want to leave their household for a day or two so the house could ventilate appropriately.
  • The meteorological conditions can play an important factor in how much time it takes for the finishing coat to dehydrate, and how fine it ties to the surface. Moisture is injurious to the procedure, so it’s finest to evade tub refinishing throughout the rainy season of summers. Chiller, less-humid weather distinctive of fall or spring offers the perfect circumstances.

Q: How to Take Care of a Refinished Bathtub?

Taking care of your refinished bathtub is straightforward, however, there are some things to stay in mind. Most refinishing products are of an acrylic base. There are many alternative quality levels from expensive professional coatings to ironmongery shop coatings.

Bathtub Refinishing

All of them, for the foremost part, are cared for the identical. To stay your tub shiny for years to come back you wish to stay soap scum and minerals removed. You are doing bathtub refinishing Austin by employing a non-abrasive cleaner that’s slightly acidic.

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The proper cleaner for this can be cleaning agents. Cleaning agents and a soft sponge are all you must ever need. you’ll be able to find cleaning agents next to the Comet in most grocery stores and residential improvement stores.

It comes in an exceedingly brown can and is safe for all of your surfaces (it may become your favorite cleaner for several things).

A few things to recollect about caring for your refinished tub are:

  • Don’t leave standing water around the drain area. If your tub has trouble draining completely, towel off the drain area to assist prevent rust from appearing around the drain.
  • Don’t leave soap bars and leaky shampoo bottles on the sides of the bathtub. The chemicals in soap will mark the finish over the years.
  • Fix dripping faucets. this could be completed before the bathtub was re-finished. If you develop a leak, fix it soon.
  • For extra precaution simply wipe your tub out after every use with the towel you want to dry off. This slows soap and mineral buildup.
  • If your tub gets chipped, call a re-finisher to touch it up or purchase a cheap porcelain repair kit at the ironmongery store. Chipped areas of the glaze allow water underneath which causes peeling.
  • If you utilize bleach, rinse it out afterward (don’t soak the bathtub in bleach).
  • No coarse cleaners. If it says it’s safe for acrylic shells it should be satisfactory to utilize for bathtub refinishing Austin.
  • No heavy bleach cleaners that turn blue after 20 minutes just about.
  • No hair-dye.
  • No rough sponges. Scotch-Brita pads will scratch your tub.
  • No sewer cleaners.
  • No suction-cup protection mats.
  • Read your detergent labels, don’t blend cleaners, and put on the defensive gear.
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If you simply cannot contact the tub’s original re-finisher, these instructions should cover most, if not all of the aspects of refinished tub care.

Additionally, if you need a bathtub refinishing Austin Expert to solve your problem then you should think about making contact with All Surface Renew. Experts will support you in getting things done for you in a professional way. If you have any query in mind then you can freely contact us.

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