How Much the Procedure of A Neck Lift Cost

People put a lot of effort and money into the way they look. To feel more beautiful and perfect, several things are being done by people all over the world. 

The neck is often neglected and is the first to show aging signs. While many people ignore these signs, some take steps to treat these aging signs. A neck lift might be just the right thing to help you solve this problem. 

What is a neck lift, you might be wondering? Wonder no more, you are about to know about it. It is also known as platysmaplasty, often used for creating a more defined and slimmer jawline. 

It makes your neck appear smoother and younger. The procedure removes excess fat, smooths the sagged skin, and tightening the platysma muscle removing a double chin, wrinkles, and horizontal bland. It is often accompanied by a facelift.

Why Invest in Neck Lift?

Many people are quite hesitant before proceeding to this procedure due to neck lift cost and time involved. Here are some of the reasons why getting a neck lift is totally worth it:

  • Delayed aging process

A facelift is usually done on older patients, but that is not the case with a neck lift. Younger persons can go for it, and more often, the people opting for this are in their 30s. It is not the case that this will stop aging, but the results are permanent, making you look younger.

  • Excellent results
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The procedure is quick, and the results are natural-looking. The results come out to be so dramatic that it is hard for people to tell that you had surgery unless you tell them otherwise.

  • Good investment for long terms

After you had a neck lift procedure at a young age, you are actually cutting the cost and time involved in invasive surgery methods in later stages of life. People having a neck lift likely to have less or no need for a full facelift.

  • Undetectable scars

While plastic surgery can leave its mark on your skin, you don’t need to worry about this in case of getting a neck lift. The scars are almost invisible as the incisions during the procedure are hairline.

Cost involved

The neck lift cost in Miami depends on a lot of factors such as the experience of the surgeon, the location of the clinic or any other surgical facility, whether you opt for general or local anesthesia, how complex the procedure is, and lastly if you are getting any complementary surgeries.

According to the data published in 2019, it is estimated to cost an individual about $5000-$6000, and that also does not include the cost of operating facilities, anesthesia, and other additional expenses. To get an overall and accurate estimation, you must talk to your surgeon first. 

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While the cost of surgery is important to think about, you must also take moment to consider the experience of the surgeon and your comfort level. A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure, thus don’t get covered by health insurance. However, many surgeons do offer financing plans.

Does the neck lift procedure inflict pain?

The procedure is not at all painful because of the anesthesia. However, some might experience some discomfort after such as the feeling of soreness and tightness around the neck as the effect of anesthesia starts to wear off. The pain can last for about 24-48 hours after the procedure, usually managed with the help of medications.

Some actually might feel numbness in the neck area, and it can persist for months. You can regain normal sensations by a gentle massage in the particular area to wake up the nerves.

Apart from this, there is no need to be afraid of having a neck lift, it is completely safe, and you can see the results almost immediately, often getting better with time.

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Who should and should not get a necklift?

A necklift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that tightens the skin and muscles on your neck. The best candidates for this surgery are people who have loose, sagging skin on their neck. However, there are some conditions which can make you ineligible for this procedure. 

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding then it’s not advised to undergo a neck lift as these conditions may affect healing time. Individuals with poor blood circulation should also refrain from getting a neck lift as it could lead to complications such as increased risk of bleeding during and after the operation. 

In addition, those with an active infection cannot be considered for this procedure until the infection has been resolved.

Benefits of getting a neck lift:

The benefits of getting a neck lift can be many. You may not know it, but your neck is the gateway to all of your organs and muscles in the body. 

If you have poor posture or are overweight, this can put an excessive amount of strain on your neck and spine. A neck lift will help relieve these problems and make you feel better about yourself!

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