Top 5 Team Chat Applications in 2024

Top 5 Team Chat Applications in 2021

Chat apps for team chat are more than mere tools. They’re in the new office. This is true for remote teams, but they also have a broad appeal. Businesses with a physical workspace are more dependent on working together via chat in the workplace.

It’s mostly about efficiency. Information workers spend their day at their computers, and it is only natural to have conversations on the computer. Send a quick message and receive a reply. Then, you can continue working.


Slack was launched in 2013 and quickly came to be the leader in the team chat space, and that’s not just because people were enthralled by it. It’s not hard to understand why–this is an application designed to be user-centric.

Every Slack team has its channel. However, most of the day-to-day conversation happens in media that are specific to the project or team. The channel users choose to join will ensure that they are not bombarded with messages about other unrelated projects. This further sorting is possible by allowing conversations on these channels may be divided into threads.

Users will only be notified of discussions in threads that they actively participate in the conversation or choose to sign up to lines. In addition, team members can add other users to draw them into channels or threads that help balance the need to minimize noise and ensure essential conversations are heard.

Slack makes it simple to search for answers in Slack. Filtering by date, channel users, channel, and more is simple with Slack. Collaboration is an important additional feature. You can share files quickly by dragging them into the app or connecting to them. Many links will open, so images and videos can be viewed without leaving the app.

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It’s simple to reply to messages with emoji reactions and other minor functions. Audio and video calls can be initiated with a single click. There are many integrations to other applications. These small nudges might sound overwhelming. However, an intelligent design (alongside user-friendly UX copy) ensures that Slack is never tricky or too overwhelming.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams What happens when an organization chart is transformed into a chat program? It’s directly proportional to the way you found the text before it was to you.

Each Microsoft Teams account is linked to a specific company (sometimes called an org), representing your company’s entirety. Users are invited into some or all teams within the company, and each section is broken down into channels.

Channels force conversations to threads and further fragment the conversations. It’s the most layers of organization of any team chat app we’ve tried, and although it could sound confusing, the result is ultimately clean.

Video and audio calls are an essential part of. Users can set up meetings, complete with agendas, and then join spontaneous calls. There are many collaboration options, such as close integration with Microsoft Office.

Google Chat

It’s possible to be forgiven by not knowing that Google provides a chat program for team members. Nevertheless, Google Chat deserves to be explored.

Chat shines when it’s integrated with Google’s app ecosystem. The rights of everyone in the room will be changed automatically by pasting the Google Doc link. You can easily arrange meetings with your co-workers by simply tagging Google Meet, your co-worker, and saying the time when you’ll meet.

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This creates a calendar date with a Google Meet link for video conference. Google Search is another vital feature. It’s not surprising, given that it’s a Google product. Search results are updated in real-time as you type, and it offers a wide range of filtering options.

Google Chat’s biggest problem is polishing. For reasons I don’t understand, simple tasks such as browsing a list to join a chat room are often hidden behind many clicks. As a result, chat isn’t easy to become comfortable with. However, it’s a good choice, and if your business is already paying for Google Workspace, it’s essentially free.


Discord is a standout. It was initially designed to be a gaming platform but is now marketed to more people than companies. As a result, there aren’t many business-specific features, and integrations are mostly bots created by third parties. But Discord can work as a business chat due to one main reason: excellent always-on Audio.

Discord allows you to use text channels in a similar way to chat apps. You can add as many as you’d like; however, there are no threads to divide conversations more. The main feature is voice channels. They are constantly on telephone calls, where you can chat with anyone on your team. 

Keep your microphone on and push the key to talk whenever you like. The overlay view will show voices alongside your games. However, it’s equally helpful to talk to colleagues while working remotely on the shared Google Doc. You can also use video chats to interact with your co-workers face-to-face, but we think that the audio conversations are your real highlight here.

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Discord is a bit of an exception to this list; however, it’s free, and the features that are paid for are mainly irrelevant to the business-related use. Discord has the best audio quality in the marketplace, and this feature alone is worth considering if speaking out loud is the way you want to get work done.


Specific conversations are too important to be hosted on a third-party server. This is the reason Mattermost comes in. The app is free, which means you can download it and install it on your servers. This is crucial for some firms. Mattermost is the most feature-complete self-hosted software we have found.

Similar to other available chat services, conversations are divided into channels. Although threads are available, however, each post on the cable is posted to the main track. This can result in things getting somewhat confusing.

The search feature is complete and allows you to search the channel, date, or date. Third-party applications are used to handle video and audio chat. Some of these services can be integrated into your company’s servers and integrated into the user interface.

Mattermost is as close as you could get to running Slack on your servers. The interface is identical. Keyboard shortcuts look almost similar and even emoji reactions. As a result, Mattermost is the ideal option for self-hosting.

A team chats app is a platform where your team or business can communicate in one place. UBS offers the creation of channels in the chat app for a particular project.

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