COMPUTER Full Form Name – COMPUTER Meaning Dictionary – Full Form of COMPUTER

DOS :Disk Operating System
COBOL :Common Business Oriented Language
DTE :Data Terminal Equipement
FORTRAN :Formula Translation
CGI :Common Gateway Interface
DPL :Digital Phone Line
MTBF :Minitime Before Fluture
PSTN/b> :Public Switch Telephone Network
GII :Global Information Infrastructure
BPS :BIT Per Second
DVD :Digital Verstile Disk

ISP :Internet Serivice Provider
ROM :Read Only Memory
RAM :Random Only Memory
EFTS :Electronic Funds Transfer System
CRT :Cathode Ray Tube
CPU :Central Proccessing Unit
DSL :Digital Subscriber Line
USB :Universal Serial Bus
IT :Information Technology
URL :Uniform Resource Locator

POS :Point Of Sale
SMPS :Switch Mode Power Saplay
Email :Electronic Mail
JPEG :Joint Photo-Graphics Excpert Group
KB :Kilo Bytes
ERP :Entaprise Resource Planning
IAP :Internet Access Provider
LSI :Large Scale Integration
MICR :Magnetic Ink Graphics Charecter Rekegnation
IIS :Internet Information Serivices
NSDL :National Securities Depository Limited

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ISDN :Integrated Serivices Digital Network
VSAT :Very Small Aperture Terminal
IML :Intermideate Messaging Layers
DIML :Derivatives IML
NSE :National Stock Exchange
BSE :Bombay Stock Exchange
NCDEX :National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited
ppp : Point to Point Protocol