Dental Implants Procedure, Cost, Uses, Benefits and Side effects

Dental-implants : There are many ways by which you can replace your missing teeth, one of which is dental implants. Dental implants have become more prevalent nowadays in dentistry. 

But if you don’t know anything about dental treatment and want to know, you may read this article. Because in this article, I will guide you and give you complete information about Dental Implants. 

This article will discuss the dental implants procedure, costs, uses, benefits, side effects, and some related FAQs. So let’s have a glance at dental implants.

What is meant by Dental Implants?

Dental Implants is a procedure in which the root is replaced by metal especially screws made up of titanium. In this procedure, the dentists replace the tooth roots with screws and metal to protect the jaw bone. After replacing the teeth with metals, the dentists fit a dental crown to give it an aesthetic look. Dental implants are one of the best options for those who are aiming to replace their teeth.

What if the affected teeth are left untreated?

If the affected teeth are left as it is and untreated it cause many oral problems and also several health issues related to the head. It can also cause several types of headaches and may also be the cause of migraines. However, there is no proper report or evidence considering that it may also relate to migraines. 

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Who are eligible for Dental Implants?

Mainly anyone can undergo dental implant surgery; there is no age specified for dental implants. But in aspects of oral health, a person who has enough density in their bones and gums is said to be the best for opting for dental implant treatment. 

And also, people who are addicted to certain medications such as steroids and drugs are not eligible for dental implants because they suppressed their immune system. People who often clench and grind their teeth are also not suitable for dental implant treatment. 

What is the cost of dental implants in Chennai?

Many factors determine the cost of dental implants, for example, quality of the dental tools, the experience of the dentists, specialization of the dental clinic, and location. However, the average cost of dental implants in Chennai is around 20,000-50,000 INR. The price is only for Dental implants, but the cost of the dental crown is separate. To obtain a quality dental implant treatment, you can visit thebest dental clinic in Chennai. 

What are the uses of dental implants?

Dental implants are used as a substitute for missing teeth. It helps to fill a gap in between the teeth. 

Dental Implants are one of the best alternatives for dental instruments like traditional bridges. 

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Dental Implants are used instead of the natural tooth roots in the teeth, and they are also used as an anchor for artificial teeth. 

So these were some uses of dental implants.

What are the benefits of Dental Implants?

There are many benefits of Dental Implants, among which I have mentioned a few.

Prevents Gum Diseases:

Dental implants are best known for preventing gum diseases because they fill the gap in between the missing teeth and avoid the food that gets stuck in between. It contains the bacteria from sticking on the gums; this way, the dental implants save the gums from the bacteria to affect the gums.

Prevents bone loss:

After you lose your natural teeth, the gap left between the teeth lacks stimulation, which is necessary for the teeth, and as there is no stimulation, the bone starts to deteriorate, and the bone growth stops.

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It gives you an aesthetic Look:

The missing teeth cause your face to sag and also change the shape of your face. After the missing teeth, the face tends to change its shape, and as a result, the aesthetics of the face goes off. These dental implants help to improve the appearance of the face.

Dental implants last life long;

One of the dashing advantages of the Dental Implant is that it provides you lifetime support if you take care of the implants and maintain it properly. 

Easy to take care of: 

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The Dental Implants are very easy to maintain. Just like how you keep your natural teeth, you should support your implants. The implants blend with your natural teeth, and so many people don’t find it challenging to take care of them.

List out some side effects of the dental implants?

Like benefits, there are also some side effects of dental implants which we should take care of.

Feeling uncomfortable after the treatment;

After the dental implant treatment, there is a chance that the patient may feel uncomfortable and pain. It is just a temporary discomfort ability that goes off.

Dental implants are costly:

Dental implants are a bit costly when matched with other dental procedures. Not everyone can choose dental implant treatment due to its higher price, one of the most significant drawbacks of dental implants.

Separate cost for dental restorations:

Already we all know that the cost of dental implants is relatively more. But this is not only the problem with it. It has a separate price known as restorations which add more expenses to the dental implant procedure. And this discourages many people from undergoing dental implants. 

Has a chance of mechanical failure:

One more big risk involved in the dental implant is that it may fail if an inexperienced dentist carries out the treatment or does not suit your health condition. So there is no hundred percent guarantee that the dental implants will be successful.

Risk of the fracture of the dental crown:

Sometimes due to a heavy force during biting or chewing, there is a chance for the dental crown to broke out. So it would help if you cared while biting or chewing anything.

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