How to Use Prega News ? – How Much Prega News Kit Price ? – One Time Pregnancy Test At Home

Prega news is a pregnancy test kit! With the help of which it can be easily found out whether the woman is pregnant or not.

In such a situation, we had to go to the doctor to get the pregnancy checked! But now with the help of Prega News Pragnancy kit, you can easily check whether the woman is pregnant or not while sitting at home!

And sometimes women are afraid of problems related to pregnancy due to not coming on time. In such a situation, now you have nothing to fear! Because now you can find out with the help of Prega news pregnancy kit without even going to a doctor! Whether the woman is pregnant or not! How to Use Prega News ?

Prega news is India’s most popular and reliable pregnancy kit! Which is very easily available in every chemist’s shop. There is also a way to use a Prega news pregnancy kit!

If you use Prega news kit incorrectly, then this result can also tell you wrong. So, in today’s article, I will give you information about prega news kit !

What is Prega News Test Kit ?
What_is_Prega_News_Test_Kit ?

What is Prega News Test Kit ?

A few years ago, if a woman had to get her pregnancy test done, she had to go to a doctor. But now there are many such pregnancy test kit available in the market, with the help of which any woman can find out whether she is pregnant or not sitting at home.

Although there are many pregnancy tool kit available in the market, but prega news gives the most accurate result among them. That’s why more people use this pregnancy test kit!

When women miss their period, they can check pregnancy by sitting at home. Actually Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone is found in the urine of women.

With the help of this hormone, it is known whether a woman is pregnant or not. And every Pregnancy test kit checks this HCG hormone of women!

You can use any other pregnancy test kit other than prega news! With the help of Prega news kit, you can easily check your pregnancy sitting at home!

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Uses and Benefits of Prega News Kit :

The Prega News Test Kit is a quick and easy way to confirm whether you are pregnant or not! For couples trying to conceive, this Prega News Kit is the perfect tool to easily get a pregnancy confirmation! With a fast time of 5 minutes, Prega News test kit is the easy way to know your pregnancy status!

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main advantages :

With a 99% accuracy rate, Prega News results are accurate most of the time (in some rare cases, if the test is taken too early in the pregnancy! You may get a negative result! In that case, the test should be postponed to a later date) (do it again!)

With as little as 2 drops of urine, a woman can quickly know whether she is pregnant or not in 5 minutes.

The convenience of home tests gives you a good idea of ​​your pregnancy status!

Do pregnancy test at home with Prega News ?

A urine sample is taken in the kit to use the pregnancy test. With the help of this test, the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) present in the urine is detected. If HCG hormone is found in your urine, it means that you are pregnant. Always do pregnancy test at home after waking up in the morning. This reduces the chances of getting the result wrong. Because other fluids are not present in your urine in the morning and the level of HCG hormone is also high in the morning urine.

pregnancy test insect :

With the help of pregnancy test kit, you can get quick and accurate results. For this, you only have to put a few drops of the device strip, which checks the amount of HCG hormone, depending on the performance of the two lines. It takes only 5 minutes to do this test. There are 2 types of pregnancy test kits.

1) strip pregnancy test :

This is the common and easy type of pregnancy test kit. To do this test, you can hold the edge of your urine urine on the strip, if the color of one end of the strip starts changing then it is sure that you are pregnant. HCG hormone is present in the urine which is helpful in detecting your pregnancy.

2) cup test kit :

This test requires a cup to store urine along with the test device in the kit to detect pregnancy. After depositing urine in this cup, immerse this kit device. If HCG is present in the urine, there is a change in its color which indicates that you are pregnant.

How to check pregnancy with prega news kit ?
How to check pregnancy with prega news kit ?

How to check pregnancy with prega news kit ?

Many women do this search on YouTube, Google! that how to use prega news kit or prega news kaise istemal karte hai ! Prega news kit istemal karne ka tarika, etc.!

Every woman should know about how to use Prega news kit ! Because if you do a pregnancy test wrongly, then its result will also be wrong.

By the way, on the packet of prega news pregnancy kit, it is given about how to use it! But still I will tell you once in detail about Prega news use kit ! So that’s a little easier for you to understand!

  • Step 1. First of all, take your urine in a container. By the way, you can take urine at any time to do this test! Morning urine result is good to test through Prega news.
  • Step 2. After this, with the help of the dropper found in prega news, you put 2 drops of your urine in the circular box of the test kit!
  • Step 3. This test takes about 5 minutes to complete! So you have to wait for at least 5 minutes!
  • Step 4. If a pink colored line appears in the rectangular box of that test kit, then it means that your prega news pregnancy test has come negative! You are not pregnant!
  • Step 5. If there are 2 pink colored lines visible in the rectangular box, then it means that your pregnancy test result is positive! And you’re pregnant!
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It happens to a lot of women that their prega news rectangular box doesn’t have a single pink color line! In such a situation, it can happen because of these two reasons!

The first is that the pregnancy kit you used will be bad! And even if you use the pregnancy kit incorrectly, there is no pink colored line visible on the rectangular box!


Symptoms of Pregnancy :-

When a woman is pregnant, those women start seeing symptoms of pregnancy a few days before. If you also see the symptoms given below, then you must get your pregnancy test done once!

  • missed periods :

The first symptom that occurs in pregnancy is the skipping of menstruation. Only after this should one think about the symptoms of second pregnancy.

  • Breast twitching and pain :

There may be a slight heaviness or pain in the breasts. If a woman is feeling stretch in her breasts and has also missed menstruation last month, then she can take a pregnancy test in the pregnancy testing card.

  • Tiredness :

Release of menstruation after climbing stairs or doing some work.

  • nausea and vomiting :

Most pregnant women experience nausea in the first trimester or even vomiting in the morning. But it is not necessary that all women experience vomiting.

  • frequent urination :

Frequent urination can also be an early sign of pregnancy. If the woman has missed her period and feels frequent urination, then you can do a pregnancy test.

  • headache :

Many women experience slight headache in the first month of pregnancy. If a woman has a headache or mild fever and has missed her period for a month, she can check for pregnancy using a pregnancy test kit.

  • stomach ache (Abdominal Cramping) :

Some women also feel slight pain in the lower abdomen when pregnant. If there is mild pain in the lower part of the abdomen and missed menstruation, then you can test for pregnancy at home through the kit.

  • lack of desire to eat (Food Aversion):
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Most women do not feel like eating or feel hungry in the first days of conception.

  • mild fever (Elevated Basal Body Temperature) :

Most women also have a mild fever in early pregnancy. So you can keep this symptom in mind as well.

  • vaginal bleeding (Light Vaginal bleeding or spotting) :

This is the last symptom you can notice. Some women also have light bleeding from the vagina at the beginning of conception. This happens because menstruation is gone.

Some Other reason :

  1. Period stop!
  2. Feeling like tension and pain in the breast of the woman.
  3. Always tired!
  4. Frequent urination!
  5. Vomiting and Nausea!
  6. Headache!
  7. Stomach ache!
  8. Don’t feel like eating!
  9. Light bleeding from the vagina
  10. Being slightly hungry!

If you see all these symptoms then you can use any pregnancy testing kit like Prega News.

What is meant by Prega News Kit Negative Result ?

When a woman tests her pregnancy with Prega news! So if a pink color line appears on the rectangular box of the test kit! So it means that the pregnancy result has come negative!

When the result of pregnancy comes negative then it means. That woman is not pregnant!

What is Prega News Kit Positive Result ?

If the pregnancy result of the woman comes positive after checking the pregnancy, then it means that the woman is pregnant. On positive result, two pink colored lines appear on the test kit.

What is the best time to check pregnancy ?

The best time to check pregnancy is in the morning! Because if you test pregnancy by drinking more water or tea! So the balance of HCG hormone inside the woman gets disturbed and the result looks wrong.

If a woman is showing signs of being pregnant! And the pregnancy result has come negative on prega news! So you must do your pregnancy test once again after 48-72 hours! Because there is less release of HCG hormone inside women in the initial period, the result in the test is slightly different. Therefore, after 72 hours, you must confirm the result by checking the pregnancy again.

 FAQs How to Use Prega News Test Kit :

Question-1 What is the cost of a kit of Prega News?
Answer: The cost of 1 prega news kit is between Rs 45 to Rs 50!

Question-2 Is Prega News result always correct?
Answer: These test kits are generally 99% accurate! When used within 7 days of missed period! And the instructions are followed!

Question-3 Do I need to drink lots of water before taking the test?
Answer: The urine present in the bladder for 3-4 hours has the best potential to contain the essential HCG hormone! So it is best to do the test first thing in the morning with urine. By the way, drinking more water can help in making more urine in the bladder.

Question-4 Are there any dietary requirements before testing?
Answer: No, no special diet is required. However, if you have any other dietary restrictions, please follow them. If you are having trouble conceiving, please contact your doctor for further advice!

Question-5 How often should I test?
Answer: It is recommended to test at least twice, leaving 2-3 days in between each test! This is what happens when you get a false positive in the first test!

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