keral mein kaun si bhasha boli jaati hai

keral mein kaun si bhasha boli jaati hai : In today’s general knowledge question, we will know about the language information of the state of India, where we will tell you which is the language of Kerala today. About to tell. So let’s start.

By the way, many languages are spoken in India. About 19,500 languages are spoken in India. India has been a country of various traditions, civilizations. India has a very ancient history.

That is why a lot of languages originated in India and even today, many languages are spoken in India. In this post, we will give you information about which language is spoken in Kerala and will also give some information related to this language.

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Keral Mein Kaun Si Bhasha Boli Jati Hai

Friends, the language spoken in Kerala is Malayalam, which is one of the languages ​​of the Dravidian family, which is called Yesa. Every state of India has its own language. You will see different languages ​​spoken in all the states.

Hindi language is generally spoken in India because it is our language of India and this language is also called very old language.

The language spoken in Kerala is Malayalam. This language is said to have evolved from the Dravidian language and today Malayalam is an independent language and some historians also believe that this language originated from Tamil.

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But it is true that Malayalam language is closely related to Sanskrit and Tamil language. It is being written from the 9th century. Chanakya, whomever has written the explanation of this language in his book of Arthashastra. That is why it is also called an ancient language.

So which language is spoken here in this Kerala of ours? – Keral Mein Kaun Si Bhasha Boli Jati Hai ends the post, hope you have understood the above information, keep visiting our shayari-quotes website to read more such information.

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