20 minion Quotes — Inspiring the Happy, Good and Funny in Life


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minions quotes in spanish

i swear
we are fighting two pandwmics:
Coronavirus and stupidity.



minions friend quotes

With great power comes great electric bills.



the minions quotes

it’s so simpale to be wise.
just rhink of something stuoid to say and then don’t say it.



we love minions greek quotes

Everyone seems normal
until you get to know them.


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sad minions quotes

Treat each day as your last;
One day you will be right.



quotes funny minions

Life is not a fairy tale.
if you lose your shoe at midnight,

         you are drunk.



minions quotes on attitude

i’m not arguing.
i am simply explaining why i’m right. 



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pictures of minions quotes

Some drink at the fountain of knowledge,
Others just gargle.



quotes by famous people for kids minions

People say nothing is impossible,
but i do nothing everday.



minions with funny quotes

Stop asking why i’m still single.
I don’t ask why you’re still married.



quotes des minions

Knowledge is like underwear.
It is useful to have it,
but not necessary to show off.


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pinterest minions quotes

Sometimes when i close my eyes,
i can’t see. 



motivational quotes minions

Lottery : Atax on people who are bad at math.


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minions wallpaper quotes

Time was invented by clock companies to sell more clocks.



minions tueday images funny quotes

i may look like a potato now.
But one day i will turn into fries and you’ll all want me then.



minions wallpaper with quotes

Books are just TV for smart people



minions quotes wallpaper

The richer you get,
The more expensive happiness becomes.



minions top quotes

i am not sure if i actually have free time or if i just keep forgetting.



minions tagalog quotes

Question : Name the nation we all hate?

Answer : Exami-Nation.


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minions quotes tagalog

Sometimes i meet people and feel bad for their dog.



minions quotes photo

i like to have my cake and eat it too.
i would also like to have your cake and eat it too.



minions sayings and quotes

Apparently War is peace
Freedom is slavery



minions quotes pics

if your phone doesn’t ring,
            it’s me



minions quotes on love

i don’t have a welcome mat at my door beacuse i am not liar.


minions quotes monday

How to scare your enemy?

Call him.
hug him tightly.
And whisper in his ear,
“i have coronavirus”

see them running away…




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