Signs your air conditioner is losing efficiency

If you are like most people, you don’t think about getting your air conditioner checked unless there is an issue with it. However, when your AC breaks down in the middle of the summer, you might regret not looking out for the signs of losing efficiency. So, for example, if you live in a city like Houston that is known to have a humid subtropical climate, you must check out these signs and contact a service provider that offers 24 hour AC repair Houston.

By considering these signs, you will have an opportunity to get your AC fixed before an emergency. To make sure whether your AC needs service or not, look out for these signs:

Lukewarm air coming out from the AC

An AC’s primary purpose is to lower the temperature to make your house feel cool during the summer. However, if your AC is blowing out hot air, it is a sign that your AC needs to be checked. Lukewarm air out of your AC is among the most significant warnings that you need to check your AC. It is a common issue for older units. 

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There are a few reasons why cold air isn’t coming out of your unit, including a compressor gone bad or the unit being low on coolant. These are not critical issues that require replacement. If you catch these issues early, you will be able to avoid complicating the functionality of the system. 

Grinding and knocking sounds

If your AC system is making noise out of the ordinary, it might mean that some parts are close to breaking down or are already broken. A squeaking sound is most likely because of an issue with the AC belt or because your system needs some lubrication. In the case of a knocking sound, you should check the motor for any damage. You should switch your AC off and contact an expert in both cases. It is possible that your system is about to break down and might end up burning the engine, which will require you to replace the unit.

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Foul smell from the vents

A musty or burnt smell from your vents is a sign of an issue with your AC. There is intricate wiring in all the air conditioning units, which can burn over time, resulting in a foul smell coming out from the vents. If there is mold within the air duct, this smell can be musty or moldy. In case there is a wiring issue, you should turn off the AC and contact an expert as soon as possible, or else it can lead to a breakdown.

Higher electricity bills

If you run your AC all day during summers, it will lead to a higher electricity bill. However, if your electricity bill is higher than normal, it might mean that your AC is losing efficiency. With age comes wear and tear that makes your AC less efficient. An older unit will have to work harder to decrease the temperature. In such cases, your only option is to replace the old unit with a modern, higher-efficiency unit that will reduce your electricity bill substantially.

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Looking out for the above-mentioned signs is crucial. If you find any issue, contact an expert immediately. Replacing an AC can be expensive. If you catch the problems early on, you can prolong the life of your system. 

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