The Story of Soichiro Honda : Success Is 99% Failure

Success Story Of Soichiro Honda: How a mechanic made Honda Motors world famous. Soichiro Honda’s Success Story

Honda is a very big and famous name in the automobile industry today, one of the best automobile companies in the world. This company is very much liked by the people. But do you know that Honda was started by a poor blacksmith but how?

Let us know the story of Soichiro Honda, the owner of Honda Motors, from a mechanic to making Honda Motors famous all over the world, full of troubles. Just like every company has its own success, intention, struggle, similarly the story of Honda Company is also very different and inspiring. Soichiro Honda’s journey was full of difficulties and troubles.

The Story of Soichiro Honda

The Story of Soichiro Honda
The Story of Soichiro Honda

Early life

Soichiro Honda, the owner of Honda Motors, was born in 1906 in Seijuoka, a small village in Japan. His father Gihei Honda was a small poor blacksmith with whom he used to make bad, useless bicycles. Son of Gihei Honda, Soechiro loved playing with tools since childhood. When he was fit to go to school, he was admitted to the school, but he was not interested in reading and writing.

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He used to sit at the back of the class so that the teacher would not start asking him questions. His mind used to show his hand in his father’s work. The atmosphere of studies at home was not very special, so at the age of 16, he left his studies. He had learned a lot of mechanical work while helping his father in his childhood.

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used to clean

One day he saw in the newspaper that there is a need for a mechanic in Shokai Company, so he went to work in Shokai Company and he got a job in ‘Shokai’ Car Company, but considering his young age, he only got the job of cleaning.

But he was not at all happy with this work, then the idea came in his mind that this is the right opportunity to learn and understand the work of mechanic in a better way. Since then, he used to secretly watch the mechanics repairing the car, although he used to do his cleaning work very diligently.Then one day Soichiro Honda requested the owner of Shokai Car Company to learn work, then he was sent to another branch by the company to learn work.

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Soichiro was very hardworking, due to which he learned the work very quickly with his dedication and hard work, after some time he made a company named Tokisiki by investing all his capital to make cheap and durable piston rings for other companies except Shokai Company. .

The entire company was burnt to ashes in World War-2.

After a lot of hard work to sell his pistol rings, he got an opportunity to supply piston rings in Toyota company. But due to lack of proper quality, Toyota broke its contract. His entire factory was burnt in world war 2. But he did not allow himself to be scattered, did not allow himself to be broken, then he opened the Honda Technical Research Institute in 1946 by selling the remaining parts of the remaining company to Toyota.

Then started afresh with 12 people at a small place. After World War 2, there was a lot of damage in Japan due to which people started walking or cycling.

One idea changed the fate

Seeing all these problems, he and his team came up with an idea, they made a small engine and attached it to the bicycle. People started liking this idea very much and in a very short time, his company became a big name in the motorcycle industry. Was Later in the year 1949, he changed the name of his company to Honda Motors. In 1980, he ventured into making cars.

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Seeing the quality, their cars started competing with American cars and gradually Honda Motors became famous all over the world due to its Best Quality Products. And since then till today, Honda Motors has created its own unique status in the Industry.

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Soichiro Honda’s Success Story

This was the story of Soichiro Honda, the son of a blacksmith, taking Honda Motors to the pinnacle from a humble mechanic. Although there were many problems in his life, there were obstacles, but he did not get scared by them.

We all should learn from Soichiro Honda that no matter how bad the situation in life is, we should not lose courage, we should keep trying, even if everything in life is against you, just keep faith in yourself and your work. So victory will definitely be yours tomorrow.

How a Poor Japanese Boy Created Honda?

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