Techfelts App BEST DOWNLOD IN 2024

Techfelts is one such website. Where you are given information about recovery of all things. which is good

So friends if you also want to do Techfelts Voice Changer with techfelts video call app or Techfelts photo recovery apart from Phone free call techfelts. So you must read this article till the end.

Friends, today you are going to tell all the people that how you can download the techfelts App. and how you can use it. Apart from this, how can you do Delete Photo Recovery? You will be given complete information about this. So stay tuned till the end of our blog. So let’s get started.

Friends, for your information, let me tell you that Techfelts does not have any App. Due to which you will not get it on Play Store. But techfelts has a website. Where you are given information about everything.

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But you want to go to techfelts website. So you can go. But you want to recover deleted photos. So if you read this post till the end, then let’s start.

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How to recover deleted photos?

1) There are 2 ways to do Delete Photo Recovery. When you delete photo. So it remains in your mobile only.

2) Want to remove photo of 6 Month or 1 Years ago. So you have to download the App for this. Only then you can recover deleted photos. I am going to tell you about the above tricks.

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Techfelts App
Techfelts App

Recently bin se photo kaise nikale?

Step.1 If you have deleted any photo before 1 month. And you want to remove them again. So for this you have to go to your mobile’s gallery.

Step.2 You will get 3 Dot option at the bottom. So you have to click on that.

Step.3 Now you will get the option of Recycle Bin. So you have to click on it.

Step.4 Now you must have deleted any photo till your 30 days. All of them will come. Which you can also see here.

Step.5 The photo you want to bring back to the gallery. You have to click on that. Restore option will be found at the bottom. Have to click on it. Your photo will come in your gallery.

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If you want to remove deleted photo of 6 months old. So you have to download the App for this. In which I will give you information in another article. So for this you subscribe to our blog.

Like to get interesting information like this. So subscribe to our blog. That’s all for today, thank you very much to all of you guys for staying with our blog till the end,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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