Android Phone Update Kaise Kare? Easy way in 2024

Android Phone Update Kaise Kare? Friends, as you all know that we all need to update everything sometimes so that we get something new which is better than before.

In the same way, if you run an Android phone, then you will also need to update it so that we can use the new Android version only in your old phone, otherwise you will have to buy a new phone, which can cost you money.

If you update your phone, then you can enjoy new features and it is absolutely free, in this you do not need to pay money. But the problem is that people do not know how to update Android Phone, those who do know, they do not know how to update properly, due to which the software of the phone gets blown up while updating, even if the update is done, the software will not work later.

The problem starts coming and the phone does not work properly. That’s why I am writing this post in which I will tell you Mobile Update Kaise Kare, so let’s read the post further.

The problem with updating the phone is that people directly apply the phone update without any precautions, due to which the phone does not work properly, does not switch on, touch does not work, the display gets damaged. etc.

have to face the problem. That’s why I thought of writing this post, in this post you will not only be told how to update your phone, but I will also tell you what precautions you should take while updating your phone. Simply put, if you want to update your phone, then you must read this post.

Android Phone Update Kaise Kare? Easy way:

Friends, now we will know how to update the phone. That’s why first of all we need to know how to check phone update. After this, we will know the benefits of updating the phone, then we will also know what precautions should be taken while updating the phone, so let’s read the post and know all these things.

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Check Available Phone Update:


Before updating the phone, it is important to know whether the update is available for our phone or not. Before proceeding further, I would like to tell all of you that if your phone is rooted, then you cannot update your phone officially, although some companies allow rooted phones to be updated as well, but not all companies allow them to do so.

If you have rooted your phone and want to update, then unroot your phone, after that you can also update.If you do not want to unroot, then you can install any custom ROM in your phone. If you want to download custom ROM for your phone, then search on Google by typing custom ROM with the model number of the phone, you will definitely get it.

You will get information about how to install custom ROM on Google and YouTube. I would like to tell you that Custom ROM is not made by the company, it is made by Android Developers. So let’s now know how to know whether your phone has an update or not.

1) First of all go to the settings of your phone.

2) Now you will have an option named About phone/About device inside the settings, go to it.

3) Now click on System update/Wireless update option.

4) If the update is available for your phone, then you will get the option to download the update package which will be something like this.

5) If no update is available for your phone, then No updates available will be written.

6) You can find out the update in your phone in this way and it is a very easy process as we have seen above.

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Advantage of Updating Phone:

Friends, we have come to know that how to check the update in the phone, but it is also important for us to know why to update the phone and what are its benefits. There is a reason behind everything, there is also a reason behind it, so let’s know the benefits of updating the phone.

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1) Many times our phone hangs and works slowly. There can be many reasons for phone hanging, one of them is also that you are not keeping your phone updated.

2) Everyone makes mistakes, in the same way when the company makes the software of the phone, then there is some shortcoming in it, which we also call bug in English. When the company comes to know about this, then they remove the new update and after updating the phone, that deficiency is fixed and you can run the phone properly.

3) Every year Google brings out a new version for its Android operating system, in which you get more features than the previous version. If you also want to use the latest version of Android, then you have to update the phone.

Safely Update Your Phone:

Till now we have come to know a lot about updating the phone. But one thing is still left that what is the safe way to update the phone so that there is no problem after updating. If you want to update the phone properly, keep all these things in mind.

1) Before updating the phone, make sure that your phone is at least 60% charged. I am saying this because some updates are such that their size is large and they take a long time to install. If your phone is not charged then it will shut down due to low battery and the update will stop midway. Due to this, the software of the phone can also get damaged.

2) There is absolutely no need to panic when the phone is being updated, I am saying this because the phone may reboot several times during the update. In such a situation, people think that the phone has gone bad and take out the battery of the phone and try to switch it on. If you also do this then the software of the phone may get damaged. Phone update takes time so be patient.

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3) Whenever updating the phone, try to download the update package using WiFi only. Now you must be thinking that why I am saying this, then I would like to tell you that if you download the update package from your phone data itself, then it can also stop in the middle because the signal of the phone keeps getting less and more.

The second reason is also that the phone data is limited, if the data gets exhausted at the time of update, then there will be problem in downloading the update package.

4) We all have files like photos, videos, audios and documents in our phone which we may need anytime. How many times it happens that files get deleted after the phone is updated. If you do not want to take any kind of risk, then make a backup of all your important files and save them in a safe place so that even if the file is deleted, you can restore it.

5) How many times the phone has virus, malware which does not allow the phone to update properly and the update gets stuck every time. If this is happening with you too, then check the security of the phone with the help of an application, if even then it does not work, try resetting the phone factory. By resetting the factory, the phone storage becomes empty, so keep a backup.

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Final Words:

So friends, today we have learned in this post that Android Phone Update Kaise Kare? Simple and easy way. In this post, I have thrown light on all the important things related to updating the phone. If you want to update your phone without any problem, then follow the instructions given in the post.

If an update is available for your phone, then definitely update it, you will get to see many new things in your phone. If you have any question related to this post, then you can ask us in the comment and if you liked the post, then definitely share it.

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