VueJS Directory Application Structure Example

VueJS Directory Application Structure Example

Today, We want to share with you VueJS Directory Application Structure Example.
In this post we will show you VueJS Best Directory Structure example | Application Structure, hear for Vue.js Project Structure we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Complex Vue.js App Structure – Vue.js Application Structure with an example.

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VueJS Best Directory Structure

what is vue?

“Vue’s reactive data elements system may need more initiation sort time upfront display, but It is a good price to pay.”

Why We Chose VueJS?

  • In vuejs,The Fix the all performance problems to we were facing (Like Mozila,frozen web browser).
  • we Allow to efficient data rendering data of objects (11K+).
  • simple Make the code script behind the system level more easy and accessible.
  • Level Keep the overhead of more introducing a new simple and easy technology small.

Project Structure Level

  • vuejs Application-level state by state is centralized in all the store data.
  • The only one way to mutate data the state is by committing step mutations, which are all data synchronous transactions creative.
  • In vuejs,Asynchronous logic see should be encapsulated datain, and can be all data to composed with actions level.
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Project Structure Level in vuejs

├── index.html
├── main.js
├── api
│ └── …
├── components
│ ├── App.vue
│ └── …somejs
└── store
├── index.js
├── actions.js
├── mutations.js
└── modules
├── cart.js
└── itemlist.js

List of Future of VueJS

  • Vue components.
  • -Scopes / Data flow.
  • Services.
  • vuejs directives.
  • vuejs filters.
  • Vue interpolation.
  • Vue model binding.
  • Vue Loops.
  • Vue conditionals.
  • Vue conditional classes.
  • Vue event binding.

Trends between vuejs and React

VueJS Trends
Status Vue js React js
Fastest 23ms 63ms
Median 42ms 81ms
Average 51ms 94ms
95th Perc. 73ms 164ms
Slowest 343ms 453ms

Directory Structure

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