VueJS MVC Application Architecture – VueJS model view controller example

VueJS MVC Application Architecture – VueJS model view controller example

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In this post we will show you Best way to implement VueJs ArchThisecture – MVVM architectural pattern with VueJS, hear for How to Vuejs MVC Pattern, Vuejs MVC Architecture with Download .we will give you demo,Source Code and examples for implement Step By Step Good Luck!.

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Vue.Js ArchThisecture:-

Vue.Js is simply follows the pattern of the Model-View-ViewModel(MVVM) pattern.

Vue.js is very simple. This is so very easy that people often all the dismiss This as only new suThisable for small lightway projects.

Now let us stans for what is Model-View-ViewModel.

1. Model

Vuejs Model basically handles the simple request and response between simple server side and ViewModel. This communicates simple to the all data server, This cool simple the request data from the vuejs using ViewModel and response sends This to the server side and simple provides the all response simple back to viewModel.

2. ViewModel

View-Model simple holds the data all the simple objects returned data from the model vuejs and directly vue communicates to the html view. This is data responsible to change the data in view, This automatically simple refreshes the Ui using vuejs if there is change custom changes in data. This uses observable to all the watch the changes.

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3. View

View is the main part which is directly visible to simple the users. vuejs two way data-bind is used to handle the custom data in HTML View part which all the automatically simple updates the changes in vuejs UI.

Single-Page Applications Vuejs (SPAs) are web application that load a js based single HTML DOM page and dynamically update all simple that page as the user frendly interacts wThish the Application.

Application Structure

in this following Application structure of the Shopping Cart Example. and Centralized simple State Management for Vue.js.

├── index.html
├── main.js
├── api
│ └── … # your abstractions for making API requests
├── components
│ ├── App.vue
│ └── …
└── store
├── index.js # simple where we assemble all the modules and any export the store
├── actions.js # root all the js actions
├── mutations.js # root simple mutations
└── modules
├── cart.js # cart simple module
└── products.js # products simple module

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Running the examples:

$ npm install
$ npm run dev # serve examples at localhost:8080


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