Adventures of Meesapulimala – A walk to remember

Meesapulimala is situated in Kerala in the district of Idukki. It is considered to be the second-highest mountain peak in the mountain ranges of Western Ghat, which lies at a height of 2640 metres above sea level.

The interesting facts regarding the naming of Meesapulimala are made due to the presence of eight peaks and is a heaven for tourists in Southern India.

Apart from the Gokarna treks near bangalore at Karnataka, trekking at Meesapulimala will also provide you with a sense of enchantment. But Gokarna Trek has beaches surrounding the zone but here there are no signs of a beach.

These mountains have a form like that of a man’s moustache and lie in between the Anaimalai Hills and Palani Hills that are located nearby Suryanelli.

Once a popular tourist hub for the British colonialists, Meesapulimala is now a famous trekking spot for everyone in the present century.

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Trekking at Meesapulimala is going to engulf you with the utmost beauties and blissfulness of nature. Though it is still a less populous visited zone in Munnar. Meesapulimala is considered to be a heritage site as pronounced by UNESCO. 

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To reach Meesapulimala, you have to set out for the base camp from Suryanelli-Kolukkumalai tea estate or Mattupetty via Aruvikkara. From the base camp, by jeep, you will reach the Rhodo Valley upon reaching Rhodo Valley you have to trek for the rest of your journey.

The journey amongst the rhododendron trees and the dense forests is going to be an interesting and adventurous one. You can adjust your trip by enlisting at Kerala Forest Development Corporation located at Munnar.

The rhododendron flowers with their all glory are going to fascinate you on your visit. At Rhodo Valley you will get to visit the Pandavas Cave on your way towards Meesapulimala.

Adventures of Meesapulimala
Adventures of Meesapulimala

This cave dates back to the time that says about the Pandava brothers residing in that particular cave in their twelve years of exile in the forest. Trekking at Meesapulimala was a difficult one to make sure you were physically healthy to trek at Meesapulimala. 

It is always advisable to visit from October to February as after the monsoons are over the whole region re-energizes with its full might.

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You can go on a trip in the summers from March till June but it might turn out to be a difficult one as the heat from the blazing sun will make the trip an exhausting one.

Monsoons are a bit tricky but it is preferable not to visit during the monsoons because you might not get a chance to trek or hike with ease.

The glorific rhododendron flowers are not the only flowers that make Meesapulimala a popular hub for floral beauty but also the rare neelakurinji flowers that bloom after every twelve years makes it a popular tourist spot.

The hills get covered in a blue hue which draws in a large number of nature-lovers and photographers during the blooming season of the neelakurinji flowers in Munnar.

The journey to the base camp might be a difficult one but also side by side it is adventurous. The check dam there is a beautiful spot to view and enjoy oneself in the mesmerizing clear and pure waters of the dam.

The streams crossing one another, the forests, greenery of the distant hills and the gushing waters from the waterfalls, especially the lively Kurinji waterfall, all combined offers you a scenic view on your trip.

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The exotic wildlife at Meesapulimala will entice you with all their glory. Make sure to visit Gavi, Nelliyampathy for experiencing the harmony of flora and fauna. While walking by the high grassy tracks with rare sights to notice especially the wild animals like elephants, gaurs, Nilgiri tahrs, will raise your adrenaline rush on your journey through Meesapulimala. You can locate the peak of Anamudi peak, one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats.

The lush greenery growing along the mountain trails will take you on a bewitching journey through the wild. You can camp amidst the nature surrounding you that is located at a height of 6000 metres.

The tea gardens of Kolukkumalai can be noticed from afar at Meesapulimala. Do not forget to make a trip towards the Silent Valley that lies 6 kilometres ahead of Rhodo Valley

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