How to protect your glass top stove from cast iron and scratches

Cast iron cookware is a popular choice for many home cooks due to its durability and versatility in the kitchen. However, using cast iron on a stove glass top can cause scratches and damage to the surface.

With the proper care and attention, you can ensure excellent condition & life for years.

Read & follow the complete guide below.

1. Use a protective cover:

Use a protective cover or trivet to protect the stove’s surface when placing hot cookware on it. This will prevent direct contact with the surface and reduce the risk of burn marks.

2. Clean the glass regularly:

Clean regularly to protect glass top stove from cast iron with a mild cleaning solution and a soft cloth. This will remove any burnt-on food or debris and prevent any damage to the surface.

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3. Heat Diffusers:

Use a heat diffuser over the stove’s burner to protect the cast iron or any cookware from directly touching the stove’s glass top.

Heat diffusers help in balancing heat all around. It also reduces the risk of scratches and damage to the surface.

4. Choose the right sized cookware:

Use the appropriate size of cast iron cookware according to the size of the burner in the stove. Using a smaller pan on a large burner can cause the cookware to slide and scratch the surface.

Choose a cast iron pan with a flat bottom that fits the burner size. This will help evenly distribute the pan weight and reduce the risk of stumbling & scratching.

5. Clean the cookware:

A dirty or rough bottom surface of your cast iron cookware can also cause scratches on the glass top stove. Keep the bottom of the cookware clean and smooth using sandpaper.

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6. Lift the pan while stirring:

When moving your cookware(cast iron ) on and off the stove, lift the pan instead of dragging it. Dragging a heavy cast iron pan across the stove glass top can cause scratches and damage to the surface.

7. Avoid Overheating:

Avoid overheating the glass-top stove with cast iron cookware. This will prevent the surface from getting too hot and causing damage.

Use low to medium heat when cooking with cast iron cookware. Cast iron retains heat for a long time, and overheating can cause burn marks on the stove’s surface.

8. Avoid dropping the cookware:

Avoid dropping the cast iron on the glass top stove, resulting in cracks and chips.

How to treat burn marks from your glass top stove:

How to protect your glass top stove from cast iron and scratches
How to protect your glass top stove from cast iron and scratches

Method 1: Rub some toothpaste(that has baking soda in it) on the affected spot and let it over for at least 15 minutes. Use a damp cloth to clean glass top stove from cast iron.

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Method 2: Cover the burnt area with dish soap. Then take a spray bottle, fill it half with distilled white vinegar, rest with water, and shake the mixture.

Spray a thick amount of vinegar/water mixture.

Let the vinegar mixture and previously added soap loosen the burnt food/burn marks layers. The time will depend on the stove’s density of food/dirt layers.

After 30-60 minutes, rub the spot with a rough cloth. At last, wipe out everything with clean water and a cloth.


Protecting your glass top stove from scratches and burn marks is crucial for maintaining its longevity and appearance.

Using the right cookware, cleaning material (detergent, cloth, or sponge), using a protective cover or trivet, avoiding dragging or sliding cookware, and using low to medium heat settings are effective ways to protect your glass top stove.

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