What is a CIF Number & How to find your CIF number?(2024)

Hello friends, welcome to all of you on our blog. All of you must have created an account in one bank or the other, but do you know what is the CIF Number in the bank?

If you also do not know what is CIF number and you have also come to our post for all the information about it, then you have come to the right place.

In today’s article, CIF number kya hota hai, CIF ka full form, CIF number kaise pata kare, benefits of CIF number and all other information related to it.

Therefore, you should read this article completely from beginning to end so that you can know all the information about CIF number till the end.

What is CIF number?

CIF number is a unique number which shows your identity. This number is a total of 11 digits which helps the bank to identify the customer and their personal information.

CIF number is different for every person and this CIF number is your bank account number only. CIF number is also written in the name of Customer ID at many places.

If you have an account with any bank and you want to know your CIF number, then you can see this number in your passbook.

Full form of CIF –

There are many people who do not know the full form of CIF, so I would like to tell you that the full form of CIF is “Customer Information File” and it is called “Customer Information File” in Hindi.

CF meaning

CIF means Customer Information File in Hindi and it is a Customer Identification Number and the bank assigns a unique number to each individual.

What is contained in the CIF number?

The following information is included inside the CIF –

personal history of the customer

  • KYC details
  • account type
  • account balances
  • all previous transactions
  • credit relationship with the bank
  • credit score
  • credit history with the bank
  • Demat Account Details

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How to find CIF number?

You can find out your CIF number in various ways which are explained below one by one.

1. Passbook – You can check your CIF number on the first page of your passbook.

2. Checkbook – Like your passbook, your CIF number will be found written on the first page of your checkbook.

3. Net Banking – You can also find out your CIF number with the help of your net banking.

4. Banking App – You can also find out the CIF number from your bank’s app. For this you have to log in to the app.

5. FD Certificate – If you have opened FD in your bank, then you can also see the CIF number in the FD certificate.

6. Customer Care – You can also know your CIF number by calling the customer care number of your bank.

How to find CIF number of SBI Bank?

If your account is in SBI Bank or whether it is in any other bank, but the method of finding the CIF number is the same in all the banks.

You can find your SBI Bank CIF number with the help of your passbook. You will see the CIF number written on the first page of your passbook itself.

If you have access to the internet, you can also find the CIF number of SBI Bank online. For this you have to open the official net banking site of the bank.

  • Login to net banking.
  • After that click on the profile option.
  • Now you have to click on the option with account summary.
  • After this, you will see the CIF number of your SBI bank as soon as you click on View Nomination and PAN Details.

What is the use of CIF number?

There are many uses of CIF number, some of which are as follows –

  • The CIF number helps verify your identity.
  • It is used for any online banking app or net banking registration.
  • One or more deposit/loan accounts can be opened on the basis of CIF number.
  • You can get all the information related to your account from the bank officials with the help of CIF number.
  • This CIF number is used if you take a loan from the bank.

Why is CIF number important?

As I have told you above that CIF number is a unique number which shows your identity.

There are many banks in India and accounts of crores of people are maintained in all those banks, so all the banks provide a unique CIF number to the user.

With the help of this CIF number, the bank protects its account holders by keeping their identity and all the data related to their account safe.

What are the advantages of CIF number?

There are many advantages of CIF number, some of which are as follows –

  • A CIF number helps a bank to get valuable information about the customer.
  • The CIF number allows you to access customized products and services from the online portal of the bank.
  • With the help of CIF number, you can decide to avail a specific service or do business with the bank.
  • The bank provides efficient and seamless services to the customers through CIF numbers.

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FAQs: What is CIF number?

Q: Are CIF number and bank account number same?
Ans: Yes, both are same.

Q: Do all persons have different CIF numbers?
Ans: CIF number varies from person to person as it is a unique number.

Q: How many digits does the CIF number have?
Ans: CIF number is an 11 digit number.

Q: Can I change my CIF number?
Ans: No, you cannot change your CIF number.

Q: Should I share my CIF number with any other person?
Ans: You should not share your CIF number with any other person.

What is CIF number and how to know?
What is CIF number and how to know?

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